Friday, March 23, 2012


Jennifer turned 17 on Tuesday.
Time is a funny thing. 
Sometimes I feel like I was so busy with older siblings I somehow missed her childhood.
And now here she is. Finishing her junior year in just two months.
One more year and she will be off to college.

This is an extraordinary young lady.
While she is not perfect she is bright, kind and very level headed.
She is fun to take shopping and is a great source if you need a good book,
some one to go with you on a bike ride or to yoga.
She loves to laugh, watch movies, play games, tutors children in reading,
still babysits because she has families that just can't give her up.
If you need to know where a certain scripture is... chances are she can tell you.
She can play a lively tarantella on the piano and makes a flute sing.

This may sound a little bragy and if it does I apologize.
Really, there's so much more I could say about her.
When I sit back and think about the person she is becoming I know that it's the blessing of being influenced by so many good people. Especially her brothers and sisters and her dad. 
Jennifer has been very loved from the day she was born and seems to easily radiate that love to others.

Happy Birthday Jennifer
Sorry I was late!