Saturday, April 30, 2011

Meet Modeine...

From the archives of Amy Zimbelman Wright.
Circa 2005
“Let me tell you where it all began...a few months earlier I was driving to work with my friend, Tiff. She was brushing her hair and pulled the hair out of her brush, only to throw the wad of hair out the window. Well, as I was walking to church the next Sunday, Amy (roommate with same name) and I found the massive hairball, and decided that we had to do something with it! So, we picked it up and started brainstorming--good thing April Fool's was right around the corner!
We ended up writing an "official letter" from BYU explaining how the hairball had undergone research and was proven to be her DNA....and further states that this is a direct violation of the Honor Code, and a fine would have to be attached. To read the full letter, click on the picture below...
Notice the letter was signed by Modeine Therba Gunch

Amy and I with the hairball and letter
Tiff fell for the letter at first, but then figured out it was me (since I was the only one who knew about the hairball) and tried to get a neighbor to call, as if from the Honor Code. We figured that one out quickly and disregarded the phone call.”

End of story by Amy but Modeine Therba Gunch is legend in our family since this fateful April fools joke. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Roger Harrison is a Real Person

learn more about Roger Harrison here

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that when the letter came I was a bit skeptical. 
But, the April 27th date on the letter was almost a month past April Fools day 
and it turns out that Roger Harrison truly is a chemistry professor at BYU
 AND associated with the Central Utah Section of the American Chemical Society. 
(And not at all related to Modine Therbagunch* 
as far as we can tell)

So it looks like it is indeed true that Jennifer has been selected as the 
Top First Year Chemistry Student 
at Timpview High School.
Just like that, no warning or prior notice!

She was just as surprised as we were...
while she is very bright, works very hard and enjoys chemistry
it just never stuck out as something she had a passion for.

And she seemed to think that there were others 
who were much better at chemistry than she was...
silly girl.

So we will be calling Roger Harrison soon to RSVP to 
the chemistry demonstrations and awards dinner in May...
Way after April Fools day

Congratulations Jennifer!
we love you!

*I'm trying to find a link where you can learn more about Modine
Help Amy?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


March 30 - April 2 2011

Need I say more?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Consider the Lillies

picture from The Wright Lens
The other day I was feeling overwhelmed by all the changes occurring in my life.
I had been busy all day with essential things, yet my "to do" list of additional necessary and important things lay almost untouched. By evening I was distraught. Mark suggested I go for a much needed and very delayed run. Even though it was dinner time, I went. 

The evening air was cool and clean and freeing.
As I began to run, feelings welled up and began to bubble over.
I walked until I stopped crying, began to run again only to find the cycle repeating itself.

As I was running I was suddenly aware of a white canopy above me.
I looked up to see three beautiful trees so thick with white blossoms
I could hardly see the branches.
I reached up to a low branch and as I looked closely at the individual flowers their sweet fragrance filled me. At that moment the message of this song filled my heart and I felt God's love for me.
I was not alone, I could not do everything I wanted but
I would be guided so that I could accomplish the most important things
and that was all that mattered.

I stood for a minute taking it all in,
then allowed the wind to dry my face as I and ran home. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011


My life ebbs and flows like everyones but it seems lately it's been in large waves rather than a soft surf on a shallow beach. Wonderful exciting things as well as challenges and just as the the trees are leafing out and filling with pink and white blossoms my life will also change in big ways very soon. Someone recently related that the kanji symbol for challenge is the same or similar to that of change. Amy and Jordan came to Utah over conference with their two sweet children to bless Peter. Aaron, Celisa and Olivia were able to get a flight out and join us. Christian got special permission to go to the temple that week also. I began to move with more speed to get the basement bathroom in usable condition (ie. walls painted, towels and more than a plastic drop cloth for a shower curtain... among other things.) That same week Robbie called me on a Monday afternoon to tell me he'd been in an accident. 
Picture from his ipod
Another driver didn't see him and hit him 
We were blessed that he was protected but it bent the frame and his car was totaled.
Later that week he lost his job. 
By Wednesday family was arriving and our home became wonderfully full.
Thursday morning Kindermusik class with my granddaughters and their Uncles was heaven.
Each day was so wonderful.
Robbie's trials have turned out to be blessings in many ways although not everything is resolved yet.
But we do feel confident that all will work out. 
I will leave you with the family picture we took while everyone was here and post more pictures of specific events in the coming days.