Saturday, April 30, 2011

Meet Modeine...

From the archives of Amy Zimbelman Wright.
Circa 2005
“Let me tell you where it all began...a few months earlier I was driving to work with my friend, Tiff. She was brushing her hair and pulled the hair out of her brush, only to throw the wad of hair out the window. Well, as I was walking to church the next Sunday, Amy (roommate with same name) and I found the massive hairball, and decided that we had to do something with it! So, we picked it up and started brainstorming--good thing April Fool's was right around the corner!
We ended up writing an "official letter" from BYU explaining how the hairball had undergone research and was proven to be her DNA....and further states that this is a direct violation of the Honor Code, and a fine would have to be attached. To read the full letter, click on the picture below...
Notice the letter was signed by Modeine Therba Gunch

Amy and I with the hairball and letter
Tiff fell for the letter at first, but then figured out it was me (since I was the only one who knew about the hairball) and tried to get a neighbor to call, as if from the Honor Code. We figured that one out quickly and disregarded the phone call.”

End of story by Amy but Modeine Therba Gunch is legend in our family since this fateful April fools joke. 

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Amy said...

I will have to get you a picture of Modeine....the story goes that when my dad served his mission, his mission president handed out pictures of a really ugly girl (just a drawing)to each of the missionaries and told them that for the next two years, she was their girlfriend. Her name was Modeine Therba Gunch. My dad still carries her in his wallet!