Sunday, April 24, 2011

Consider the Lillies

picture from The Wright Lens
The other day I was feeling overwhelmed by all the changes occurring in my life.
I had been busy all day with essential things, yet my "to do" list of additional necessary and important things lay almost untouched. By evening I was distraught. Mark suggested I go for a much needed and very delayed run. Even though it was dinner time, I went. 

The evening air was cool and clean and freeing.
As I began to run, feelings welled up and began to bubble over.
I walked until I stopped crying, began to run again only to find the cycle repeating itself.

As I was running I was suddenly aware of a white canopy above me.
I looked up to see three beautiful trees so thick with white blossoms
I could hardly see the branches.
I reached up to a low branch and as I looked closely at the individual flowers their sweet fragrance filled me. At that moment the message of this song filled my heart and I felt God's love for me.
I was not alone, I could not do everything I wanted but
I would be guided so that I could accomplish the most important things
and that was all that mattered.

I stood for a minute taking it all in,
then allowed the wind to dry my face as I and ran home. 


Amy said...

Love this song too. Truly the Lord does know you and cares for you. You are an amazing woman, Mom. You can do anything.

Christie said...

Okay...tell me the truth. Did they really smell sweet? I cut some branches of these off a neighbors tree at Easter thinking they would look wonderful for Easter breakfast. Within minutes my kitchen smelled HORRID! I had to put them outside. Thought they would at least look nice by my front door. But I wasn't really thinking about the morning my beautiful, large and heavy glass vase was shattered! Kate was surprised I didn't know they smelled bad, and they do....

Robbie Zimbelman said...

These did smell good BUT I have passed by some that smelled more like rotting meat...

Karen said...

That was really me...