Friday, March 8, 2013


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I was a freshman at BYU when the Jordan River temple was built. Our family home evening group went to the open house before it was dedicated. Back in the day, this was a very rare opportunity, to be able to tour a temple before it was dedicated. I was so excited and looked forward to this tour with great anticipation and reverence. We dressed in our Sunday best and drove up there together. I remember the covers we put on our shoes and the excitement as we entered that holy building. "Holiness to the Lord"was engraved on the front of the building. It looked and felt like a holy place as I went past the front desk of a temple for the first time. The first stop on our tour was the locker room. 
What?! ....the locker room? All of my life I had seen beautiful pictures of rooms inside the temple and here we were in the locker room? It had.... lockers... and places to change. The tour guide explained that temple patrons came here first to change out of street clothes and into all white clothes symbolic of being clean. I felt a sweet spirit emphasizing to me the importance of being clean to enter the Lords house. Of course they had a locker room. 

Funny thing is, I don't really remember much of the rest of the tour. I remember feeling peaceful and admiring the beauty and craftsmanship but the most specific memory I have is of the locker room. 
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About a year later I when through the LA temple to receive my own endowment. I was a wonderful experience. This time I needed a recommend to get passed the front desk and before I knew it I was again in the locker room of the temple. But this time I was given a locker to use as I dressed in white clothing head to toe. As I did, I felt a sweet spirit envelop me and I knew this was Gods house and was so thankful that I was clean and able to be here. 

I've been to many temples since then and have found that for me, the locker room is a place of sweet peace and inspiration. Strange, I know. I love the sessions. I love to sit in the Celestial room after a session and ponder and pray. But more often than not, it's after the session in the locker room - when I am folding and putting away my white clothing - and when I take a minute to sit in my plain little booth with the door closed, that I often receive the inspiration I was seeking.