Thursday, January 26, 2012

Late, late, late!

How could I be late  What else is new.

Happy (late) Birthday to Aaron. My first born. The child who experienced the full on ineptitude of my motherhood and lived to tell the tale. Not only survived but somehow thrived anyway. The nurse at the hospital had to remind me to burp him after I fed him. When we got home from the hospital I was almost soaked by a little fountain when I changed his diaper the first time. How did I not know little boys did that? That event dissolved me to tears. The reality hit me that despite my years as an older sister and babysitting so many children, I had never been a mother before. Never  been THE ONE responsible for the life of another. If a child had a problem in the past, all I had to do what hold on till the mom got home and she would know what to do. Now I was THE MOM and I didn't know what to do. It was that moment I realized I could not do this alone. I just didn't know how to be a mom. But I did know how to love - and part of my fear was there because of the overwhelming love I had for this new little boy that was my son. The thought of making mistakes and ruining him petrified me. I'm so glad I had a wonderful husband  - who also was new at this - and a loving Heavenly Father to support, guide and encourage me every step of the way. 

It seems to have worked.  

Because he is now eight years older than I was when he was born. Married to a wonderful woman with a delightful little girl and one more coming in March. He is bright, talented, devoted, funny, spiritual and a great dad and snowman maker. I couldn't be more proud. While I realize that I did play a part in his upbringing, when I look at the person he is today, I realize that only a small part of that was because of me.

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Christmas in Argentina

Hey family! It was soo good to talk to all of you! well almost everyone.. haha sorry I didn't really do too well talking to everyone individually.. I kinda felt bad about that after.. but oh well, all in all it was a good experience! I´m soo happy to hear that all went well with grandma´s get together, that´s really cool that you guys got to do that.

This week was really slow, we had a really hard time getting to see our investigators, it seems that they were never in their houses.. :) and its understandable with the fiestas of Christmas and new year, the streets were dead. So we ended up doing a lot, a lot of contacting, and I actually enjoyed it. We found quite a few future investigators, so we will be going around to see them, and try to get some new blood. But this week I really felt the Lord pouring out the spirit to help me understand and know how to respond to people. 

Family, I love you guys, I am doing well here, my companion and I get along well, every once in a while things aren't perfect, but all in all things are good, we have a lot of goals and things to improve on, but we are striving to be the best missionaries we can be. I know the lord will bless us for our actions and desires, and he will make us into what he needs us to be. 
New years was awesome. We went with the other Elders with a family in their area and ate an asado (BBQ) with lamb and chicken. It was zoo good. I´ll have to send you pictures (next week because i forgot my card reader) and again they had a ton of fireworks (its more like the fourth of July here than any other holiday) but it´s cool! Also this coming Tuesday we will be moving apartments finally! We are pretty excited for that, one of the members from the other Elder´s ward has a truck and he´s going to help us move. This week more than ever we have been feeling the heat! It has been soo hot, and it hasn´t helped that they have been cutting the water... we went two days without water (don't worry, we have water to drink which is separate..) but it has helped us in a couple instances to talk to people and get into a couple houses, they always say "what are you doing out right now! its too hot, you should be inside sleeping.." and stuff like that, but i have been amazed at how the heat really hasn't affected me all that much (don't worry i´ve been using sunscreen!) 

love you guys! hope all is good, that you all had a beautiful new years, and that we can all make a little more effort this new year to dedicate ourselves a little more to the gospel and in our commitment to repenting every day! love you guys, sorry this is a little bit shorter, and maybe a little bit dry, but hopefully I have more to tell you about next week!

con amor, Elder Zimbelman

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2012

I've never had a two week period go so quickly in my life! 
It's almost a blur, but it was a glorious blur. 
Many of those days I was privileged to hold joy in my arms. 
I breathed in pure love and sweet innocence 
and felt on my cheek the silky strands of hope. 

I came away from this Christmas season full of faith in our future. 
A brightness of hope for the upcoming new year.
I think I'm getting a little glimpse of the insight that age and experience brings. 
(I must be getting old)

As I held and played with my grandchildren I understood the full circle. 
I had once held my children in a similar fashion. 
And then watched them grow and change, face challenges and sorrow... and joy. 
I witnesses and experienced the parents of these little ones becoming adults
 and watched them step into the shoes I once filled as a young parent.  
Interacting with these little ones I felt of their goodness, watched them making sense of the world,
 looking to those around them to be reassured that they were safe and loved. 
And strangely, it was easy for me to imagine them as teenagers and adults.
Today their view of the world is so simple and basic but also so accurate. 
Their parents have and are building a strong foundation for them in these formative years. 
A foundation that will carry them through the rest of their lives. 
It won't be long before they are spending more time in the world than at home. 
While the world can be a wonderful place, there is also much out there that will test and try them and cause them to wonder if they are cool enough, smart enough or good enough... and it seems the challenges they will face are only getting more intense.

But many, many years ago a pure innocent child was born to a virgin in a stable far away.
This child was loved and nurtured and taught by his parents who he really was. 
He lived a perfect life. 
He was willing to submit and be obedient to Gods will. 
Even though the world mocked and scourged him, he knew deep down who he was and what his mission on this Earth was, and he did not stray from it. 
Because He did this there is hope for all of us.

Because of this child born in Bethlehem we can be reassured that,
"God never leaves us alone, never leaves us unaided in the challenges that we face. Nor will he, so long as time shall last or the earth shall stand, or there shall be one man or woman or child upon the face thereof to be saved"*

In this I feel immense gratitude and joy and hope.
I hope that I can always be part of that solid foundation that will help steady these children when the storms of life come... because they most surely will.
But they will be able to overcome because of the Savior.

*quote taken from Jeffery R. Holland. Read it all here