Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Christmas in Argentina

Hey family! It was soo good to talk to all of you! well almost everyone.. haha sorry I didn't really do too well talking to everyone individually.. I kinda felt bad about that after.. but oh well, all in all it was a good experience! I´m soo happy to hear that all went well with grandma´s get together, that´s really cool that you guys got to do that.

This week was really slow, we had a really hard time getting to see our investigators, it seems that they were never in their houses.. :) and its understandable with the fiestas of Christmas and new year, the streets were dead. So we ended up doing a lot, a lot of contacting, and I actually enjoyed it. We found quite a few future investigators, so we will be going around to see them, and try to get some new blood. But this week I really felt the Lord pouring out the spirit to help me understand and know how to respond to people. 

Family, I love you guys, I am doing well here, my companion and I get along well, every once in a while things aren't perfect, but all in all things are good, we have a lot of goals and things to improve on, but we are striving to be the best missionaries we can be. I know the lord will bless us for our actions and desires, and he will make us into what he needs us to be. 
New years was awesome. We went with the other Elders with a family in their area and ate an asado (BBQ) with lamb and chicken. It was zoo good. I´ll have to send you pictures (next week because i forgot my card reader) and again they had a ton of fireworks (its more like the fourth of July here than any other holiday) but it´s cool! Also this coming Tuesday we will be moving apartments finally! We are pretty excited for that, one of the members from the other Elder´s ward has a truck and he´s going to help us move. This week more than ever we have been feeling the heat! It has been soo hot, and it hasn´t helped that they have been cutting the water... we went two days without water (don't worry, we have water to drink which is separate..) but it has helped us in a couple instances to talk to people and get into a couple houses, they always say "what are you doing out right now! its too hot, you should be inside sleeping.." and stuff like that, but i have been amazed at how the heat really hasn't affected me all that much (don't worry i´ve been using sunscreen!) 

love you guys! hope all is good, that you all had a beautiful new years, and that we can all make a little more effort this new year to dedicate ourselves a little more to the gospel and in our commitment to repenting every day! love you guys, sorry this is a little bit shorter, and maybe a little bit dry, but hopefully I have more to tell you about next week!

con amor, Elder Zimbelman