Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Anyone have a time turner I could borrow?

I guess it would only help me if I also knew how to apparate.
Amy with baby Peter at 36 weeks
Amy has under one week left - assuming she goes to her due date...

Ruby is so excited.

So am I... actually all of the Zimbelman's in Provo are excited.
We check our phones for texts... ask how everyone is feeling...
(Jordan is feeling as well as can be expected)
but I feel torn.
I too have one week left until I fly out there.
10 days there and then home.
Not enough time there. A long time to be away from home.
Not enough time to snuggle a sweet newborn and play with Ruby.
A long time to be away from my best friend.
Not enough time to help my daughter recover and adjust to two little ones.
A long time to be away from my own baby and her busy and stressful life.

Mark and Jennifer will join me for the weekend, after a week.
Then three will go home and four will remain.
And a little bit of my heart will remain there too.
I'm glad Lynn will be coming soon after I leave.
I know Amy will be in good hands.
All will be well... but I will miss them even more
because there will be more to miss.

I'm assuming someone will get back to me about apparating....
'cause then I wouldn't need a time turner...

Monday, January 24, 2011


It was 27 years ago but I remember it so clearly; the day Aaron was born.
My very first baby. 
They placed him in my arms and I marveled 
that this little human being was mine, I was HIS MOM.
No one was going to come in and take over for me.
No one would tell me how he likes to be held or tucked in at night.
He was ours to protect, nurture and provide for.
I was so glad Mark and I were in this together.
What is it about first children?
They are the teachers that help parents know how to be parents.
You can read and study and even take care of other children,
but it's really on the job training that does it.
It's the first child that teaches you about patience, sacrifice and love.
I think Heavenly Father sends especially resilient spirits to be first children.
They need to be a little extra forgiving and flexible as parents figure things out.
It looks like he wasn't harmed too much by our inexperience. He is a wonderful young man who is married to a wonderful woman and has an adorable little one. In his second year of a 5 year PhD program and working very hard, doing very well.

 Happy Birthday Aaron!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crowning Day

As I write the lower left quadrant of my mouth is numb. I may or may not be drooling. This afternoon I got two permanent crowns - after two weeks of an aching jaw with my temporaries... 
Lets hope I will not be needing Alleve very soon. 

Today I also finished up my first semester of Kindermusik.
I learned so much.

I must admit that I was a little surprised at how attached I got to the children in my classes.
Little ones grow and change so much in a few short months. 
At first they were a little wary of me and now they smile big as they sit in my lap.
They have learned that when a song is over we put the instruments or scarves away, 
sometimes they begin singing the clean up song before I do.
Even if they are enjoying what we are doing they trust that whatever is coming next will be just as fun. They are learning that everyone pausing together can be just as much fun and playing together.
They are learning to take turns.
They have so much enthusiasm and energy
and delight over simple things
like a box of kleenex.
Who knew.

I'm looking forward to next semester beginning
after spending some time playing with my Ruby girl 
and getting to meeting her little brother... when he arrives.

If I could have Ruby, Olivia and Peter in my classes that would be ideal
but I can't complain
I have a really good life.