Monday, January 24, 2011


It was 27 years ago but I remember it so clearly; the day Aaron was born.
My very first baby. 
They placed him in my arms and I marveled 
that this little human being was mine, I was HIS MOM.
No one was going to come in and take over for me.
No one would tell me how he likes to be held or tucked in at night.
He was ours to protect, nurture and provide for.
I was so glad Mark and I were in this together.
What is it about first children?
They are the teachers that help parents know how to be parents.
You can read and study and even take care of other children,
but it's really on the job training that does it.
It's the first child that teaches you about patience, sacrifice and love.
I think Heavenly Father sends especially resilient spirits to be first children.
They need to be a little extra forgiving and flexible as parents figure things out.
It looks like he wasn't harmed too much by our inexperience. He is a wonderful young man who is married to a wonderful woman and has an adorable little one. In his second year of a 5 year PhD program and working very hard, doing very well.

 Happy Birthday Aaron!


Amy said...

Yea! Happy Birthday Aaron!

Celisa said...

I think that you guys did a great job! :) Thank you for all that you do. It was fun skyping with you tonight. Love you!

Lynn said...

You expressed how it feels to be a first time parent so perfectly! Happy birthday day to you as the mother and to Aaron too.