Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stepping forward

Sunday evening the air was cool and quiet as Mark and I began to walk to the park. Over the last few hours the house had quieted down. The food was put away and we had played a few hands of "Up and Down the River". As things settled down I could feel emotions building inside of me. The events of the past few days had been busy and glorious. A building of family and friends into an intensity of joy and love I have seldom felt. Now that the events were over, loved ones began to leave as regular life called us all back into our routines. But the reality began to sink deep inside me that the events of the weekend had redefined my "regular life". Rob and Cecily's wedding not only marked the start of their new life together but Christian's farewell on Sunday also marked only 10 days until Christian entered the MTC.

As dear family and friends gathered for the wedding breakfast I was touched by the love and support of so many people that  had enabled Robbie to get to this day, to be sealed in the temple to a beautiful, strong and worthy young lady. I was touched by the love and support her family offered too and felt confident that with this many people behind them they would be successful. I'm not sure when we had all the grandparents in one place before and don't know when we will have them all together again. It was a true delight. The sealing was such a sacred event and the council my dad gave them before he sealed them suited them perfectly. The reception again was filled with an outpouring of love and support from a wider circle of friends and family. 

On Sunday morning we all gathered at church to hear this young man speak in Sacrament Meeting...to share his testimony with family and friends before he goes to the MTC on July 6th. I sat in awe next to my sweetheart and marveled at the goodness and strength of this young man. I feel so very blessed to be his mother. Once again our house was filled with food, family and friends. 

As Mark and I walked that evening we talked about how much we will miss our missionary and shared tears of joy and sadness. We marveled at how our family had been blessed over the years and wondered how we have been given such amazing children. Each step seemed to ease the weight I felt. The cool breeze washed away the mournings of relationships that would be changed forever. I felt connected to one who knew best exactly what I was feeling and having a hand in mine comforted me. We returned to the house refreshed and exhausted. Tomorrow would bring a new day... one more step away from the life we had only a few days earlier and one step closer to a new and bright future for all of us.

*All pictures taken by The Wright Lens

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here and There

I got up at 4:45 this morning, threw on whatever I could find in the dark and quietly slipped downstairs to make an egg burrito. I noticed that Jen's room was dark. When I opened the door she sat up suddenly and mumbled something about her alarm not going off. She sat there and stared blankly into the dark trying to shake off the sleep still clinging to her. About the time the burrito was done Jenn came down in a long calico skirt, cotton blouse, bonnet, apron and old running shoes to look in her bucket for her bloomers. I filled her water bottle, finished packing her lunch, wrapped up her burrito and we were out the door into the black of the morning. We picked up two more trekers and the excitement grew as we headed to the stake center. The roads near our house were empty, but as we approached the stake center headlights lit the area as other pioneers moved toward the busses. I wished I had brought my camera.

I would not be joining them this year. No room and it seems I have a few other things on my plate right now... still, part of me wished I was going. Eight years ago our ward did our own trek from Wallsburg to Daniel's Summit. It was long and hard and an absolutely wonderful, incredible experience. I had a sense of what these kids and leaders would be experiencing... and was a little sad that I was missing it... but I was excited for them. I reveled in their anticipation as I watched them load the busses in the accelerating light of morning. As the last bus pulled out (freeing my car at last) it was light and beautiful. I was home in a matter of minutes, ate a delicious breakfast, studied my scriptures and met my neighbor for a morning run.

I think of them often and wonder what they are doing right now... well, actually they are on the bus still headed for Martin's cove in Wyoming.

After my shower I think I will go take a nap. Maybe being home's not so bad after all...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Breaking Through

Today as I left the chiropractor I felt emotional.
As I drove out of the parking lot I realized that I had felt the same way when I left last week too. 

This was my third appointment. 
Upon arriving home after my first appointment I cried.
As I was talking to Mark, I realized that Dr. Brady was the first
in a long list of doctors I've seen since my bike crash that gave me hope.
Hope that I would feel "way, way, way better" than I had been feeling
... and I believed him.

My second appointment was a week ago.
Saturday morning when I woke up I had no pain in my neck
and not because I was moving carefully... 
I could move my head in any direction I wanted, even quickly without pain. 
Mornings are usually my worst time of the day.

At my first appointment I was told not to massage, stretch or pop my neck AT ALL.
This is a big deal. Popping and stretching my neck and back have provided
me with relief, not just since the accident but since I was in high school. 
Give me exercises or stretches or something
but NO popping or stretching... that was HARD.

But I've been good, very good. 
Although today I also discovered I had been cheating a little bit.
I had kind of suspected it, but today it was affirmed.
No more.

My tender feelings were more than a desire
or hope to be completely well again, but I felt baffled.

He takes my head in one hand and with the other he feels along the side of my neck and shoulder until he finds a sore spot. I never tell him where they are, maybe he can tell because I wince a little when he presses there, but it seems more like he knows where to look and can feel it there. He massages it a little while he moves my head around. Then he pops my neck (or back) and sweet relief follows. Then it's time for biopuncture. Small needles with vitamins and herbs in my neck and back. It's not painful but does involve a small prick, sometimes a little sting and in the afternoon my neck and shoulder feel a little achy and sore. 

When he first comes in the room I have already had a somewhat painful massage and I'm laying on a heating pad. He greets me while looking at my chart, sits down where I can easily see him, closes my chart and says, "talk to me". I tell him about my new freedom of movement, lack of pain in my neck, my new aches and pains, what seems to bring them on and how I deal with them (no popping involved). As he begins to work I tell him what I've done during the week that may help or hurt my progress. He asks questions and the conversation continues while he works on me. At times when I have a hard time talking through the pain he reminds me to breathe and relax. It seems he can often tell how well I've followed his instructions by my progress and how my body responds. 

Today I told him about a way I kind of stretch my middle back... which often brings a popping sound...(but not in my neck). He was not happy and explained more clearly why it's important not to stretching or pop my WHOLE back. I would have to give this up too. Then he said, "Sounds like you have control issues" It took me by surprise and I immediately began to dispute his statement, but stopped. "Maybe I do have control issues" I replied. He laughed a little and said, "I think we all do". 

There was something about that insight and honesty; raw real honesty from someone who is concerned about my long term benefit, that is both painful and freeing. Someone who desires my best outcome. And when I also desire it enough to be willing to take a sometimes painful look at myself and be willing to make some hard changes, I have good reason to hope... hope for a brighter future. One with less pain and more freedom. 

That's a big deal.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From the imagination of a 3 year old

This is from Amy's blog dated May 6, 2011

"Meet Ruby's imaginary friends: Milla, Jula, & Greena. They have been around for a while and I am surprised I haven't done a post about them yet.

The only experience I have had with imaginary friends before this is when my older brother had a couple he was little: Gaggio and Gloria. He even let me play with them. So, I was pretty tickled to hear that Ruby had some a few months ago. She knows they are pretend, but they are very present in her day-to-day life.

Let me give you some information about them: they are all girls, all sisters (except Greena, who apparently is a brother but is magic and can turn into a sister). Milla is the main friend, the one she talks about the most, so we know the most about her. She also was the original friend--Jula and Greena have all showed up later and come and go. Milla is about Ruby's age, although sometimes that changes. They often go to school or come over to play with Ruby or Ruby goes to their house. Ruby asks Jordan to look for them at night before she goes to bed, but she tells him that, "since they don't get home until fourteen o'clock, you should just watch the hockey game." She has had to put Milla in timeout a few times, but not for anything major.

This is what they look like (with their names written to the left):"

Milla on top, Jula on bottom, not pictured: Greena 

 Amy also included Ruby's description of Milla - Brown hair, blue eyes...

The other day I was going through our "Valu Pack Coupons" (which I never do) and came across this image on a flyer for the Thanksgiving Point Princess Festival:

I about fell off my chair.

I wanted to call Amy that very second but decided to wait
there is an one hour time difference and she does have a baby...

While I waited I went to the website to check it out. 
Three-year-olds and a parent (or grandpa in this case)
can attend the festival which includes:

"Over 50 fully costumed actors are in character acting out a deliciously scripted adventure at all times.  They playfully and personally interact with every one of our guests through the entirety of the Festival.  For example, after checking in at their ticketed time our “Guest Princesses” are whisked away in a small group by Alice and the Mad Hatter for a 15 minute adventure.  Once they’ve concluded their foray in Wonderland, they discover Beauty and Beast waiting to immerse them in the next journey….. and for 2 hours the adventures continue.  In addition to these guided treks, the grounds are filled with delightful performances including exhibitions such as “The Magic Flute”, Story time with Snow White,  and Twelve Princesses dancing their hearts out."

What about dates and availability?
Amy, Ruby and Peter will only be here for a few days before the wedding..

DATES: June 15-18, 2011 and June 22-25, 2011

I found an opening on the 22nd!


Somewhere in my searching Amy texted me, we made arrangements
emailed Mark who was thrilled at the prospect,
we arranged for Christian to go with them to take pictures
and enjoy a day with Ruby before he leaves for his mission.

So... what do you call this? 
Luck.... Serendipity..... Fate...?
Probably all three, but most of all a tender mercy.

Proof that God is aware of the detail of our lives.
PS I could post this because Ruby doesn't read blogs
but it's a secret, we'll tell her when she get's here...
but that's another post.

More information about
Princess Mila and the Princess festival.

Friday, June 3, 2011

One Good Kid

Strike that... One amazing young man

He's fun....

Hard working
 sensitive to others needs...

the people of Argentina will LOVE him.................and I will miss him.

But I wouldn't want it any other day.

Happy 19th birthday Christian. I love you.