Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From the imagination of a 3 year old

This is from Amy's blog dated May 6, 2011

"Meet Ruby's imaginary friends: Milla, Jula, & Greena. They have been around for a while and I am surprised I haven't done a post about them yet.

The only experience I have had with imaginary friends before this is when my older brother had a couple he was little: Gaggio and Gloria. He even let me play with them. So, I was pretty tickled to hear that Ruby had some a few months ago. She knows they are pretend, but they are very present in her day-to-day life.

Let me give you some information about them: they are all girls, all sisters (except Greena, who apparently is a brother but is magic and can turn into a sister). Milla is the main friend, the one she talks about the most, so we know the most about her. She also was the original friend--Jula and Greena have all showed up later and come and go. Milla is about Ruby's age, although sometimes that changes. They often go to school or come over to play with Ruby or Ruby goes to their house. Ruby asks Jordan to look for them at night before she goes to bed, but she tells him that, "since they don't get home until fourteen o'clock, you should just watch the hockey game." She has had to put Milla in timeout a few times, but not for anything major.

This is what they look like (with their names written to the left):"

Milla on top, Jula on bottom, not pictured: Greena 

 Amy also included Ruby's description of Milla - Brown hair, blue eyes...

The other day I was going through our "Valu Pack Coupons" (which I never do) and came across this image on a flyer for the Thanksgiving Point Princess Festival:

I about fell off my chair.

I wanted to call Amy that very second but decided to wait
there is an one hour time difference and she does have a baby...

While I waited I went to the website to check it out. 
Three-year-olds and a parent (or grandpa in this case)
can attend the festival which includes:

"Over 50 fully costumed actors are in character acting out a deliciously scripted adventure at all times.  They playfully and personally interact with every one of our guests through the entirety of the Festival.  For example, after checking in at their ticketed time our “Guest Princesses” are whisked away in a small group by Alice and the Mad Hatter for a 15 minute adventure.  Once they’ve concluded their foray in Wonderland, they discover Beauty and Beast waiting to immerse them in the next journey….. and for 2 hours the adventures continue.  In addition to these guided treks, the grounds are filled with delightful performances including exhibitions such as “The Magic Flute”, Story time with Snow White,  and Twelve Princesses dancing their hearts out."

What about dates and availability?
Amy, Ruby and Peter will only be here for a few days before the wedding..

DATES: June 15-18, 2011 and June 22-25, 2011

I found an opening on the 22nd!


Somewhere in my searching Amy texted me, we made arrangements
emailed Mark who was thrilled at the prospect,
we arranged for Christian to go with them to take pictures
and enjoy a day with Ruby before he leaves for his mission.

So... what do you call this? 
Luck.... Serendipity..... Fate...?
Probably all three, but most of all a tender mercy.

Proof that God is aware of the detail of our lives.
PS I could post this because Ruby doesn't read blogs
but it's a secret, we'll tell her when she get's here...
but that's another post.

More information about
Princess Mila and the Princess festival.


Urthman said...

Karen -- Imaginary friends are so much fun. I still have two or three of my own.

Chelsea said...

so cool! what a great surprise! It should be a bunch of fun and I hope to hear all about it!

Anil Rajanala said...

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Celisa said...

How fun! And how cool is it that there is a Princess Mila with brown hair and blue eyes? :)

Amy said...

I am so excited!

MZ said...

Tender mercy for sure! I can't wait!