Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Jump! Jump? Wobbie jump?

Tu tu?
Gamma Z Jump?
Ashes Ashes!

photo credit: Amy

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Forever Strong

Did I ever mention that Christian is playing Rugby?
Thanks to Amy we have awesome pictures to document this experience.
And since this will probably be his only season playing, I'm extra appreciative.
I think Jordan said it best when he commented that the sport doesn't really fit Christian's personality... I totally agree. But his team is small and inexperienced and they need him. He played in his first game three weeks after joining (after the season had already begun) and has started every game after that. With two more games to go he is sticking it out.
Despite looking like a nice day it was FREEZING COLD!
The wind was wicked and about half time it began to hail and pour.
Check out the clouds in the top picture.
We watched the second half from the car.
See the mark above his right knee?
I'm not sure what happened but it swelled to the size of a baseball.
He is doing better - able to go up and down the stairs without much pain.
He will be glad when Rugby is over.
So will I.

And yes his team did play the legendary Highland.
It was not pretty.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Piano Recital

Last Monday Christian and Jenn had a piano recital.
It was Christian's last one.
I'm feeling old.
Jordan, Amy and Ruby were able to join us.
Both played their songs very well. They have really enjoyed playing the piano lately and it's been a joy to listen to. Ruby recognized Jen while she was playing. She enjoyed it so much she was dancing in the aisle until she almost fell down a little step ... then she enjoyed walking around with Daddy. What a trooper.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

No No

is Ruby's word for a snowman.
Last January when Jordan, Amy and Ruby came out for a visit, Ruby and Grandpa Z built a snowman. Ruby was very excited to build one again with Grandpa when they came out this time... only there was no snow in the yard.
that didn't stop Grandpa
He and Uncle Robbie when up into the mountains and brought back a cooler full of snow. Ruby not only got her "Elmo No No" but also got a Daddy Elmo No no and Mommy Elmo No No. All on the front porch.
Just look at that smile.

Even though "on the porch they melted, small, small, small...She talked about it for days.
Even checking the front porch to see if they were still gone.
I wonder what Grandpa will do when they come in August?

PS I need to give credit to Amy for most if not all of the pictures on the last as well as the next few posts. Thanks Amy, you're amazing! See more here.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


These two were in my back yard this morning (Thursday)
but really they have nothing to do with the rest of the post.

Late last Friday night Aaron flew in.
He took a detour on his way home from a conference in Texas to be with us for Robbie's homecoming. (We were sad that he wasn't able to sneak Celisa and Olivia in his suitcase.) Amy, Jordan and Ruby arrived early Saturday evening.
Sunday was Robbie's homecoming.
I was up first Sunday morning and this was left over from the night before, but instead of feeling frustrated at the mess...
books we read with Ruby and some gifts Robbie brought back from Brazil... it served as a happy reminder that this day was no ordinary Sunday.

Jennifer received her Young Womanhood Recognition Award
David Messenger spoke before Robbie which was very fitting seeing how they both began serving a mission about the same time and finished within days of each other. David served in the family history center in Orem and occasionally went to Salt Lake. David has Aspergers and he and Robbie have been friends since we moved here. Robbie shared an inspiring message about the great worth of souls - our own as well as others.

It was a touching and inspiring meeting from beginning to end.

Afterwards our home was flooded with wonderful people who love Robbie and celebrated his return with us. So many wonderful people who have touched our lives. We are eternally indebted. I wish I had pictures - although it would make this post VERY long.

Sometime during the day I saw my three boys together and it struck me. They are all grown up! All of them.
(which makes me old!)
Just to clarify...Christian was standing down hill and Aaron up hill -
Christian is the tallest and Robbie and Aaron are about the same with Aaron being slightly taller than Rob.

Don't you think they look like their Dad?
I can't remember when I have felt so much joy.
Life just keeps getting better.

I can't wait 'till August when we are all together.

Tax Day

Challenge that is...

The only good thing about tax day (from my point of view) is its proximity to the annual Tax Day Challenge road race in Inkom Idaho. This is one of my favorite races (Mark likes it too). Inkom is a beautiful place and the course is kind of a circuit race where the racers ride through "town" to a circle that takes them up to a summit and then back down (not through town though) to do it all over five more times. Jenn and I drove wheel support
(in the Taurus - more power steering challenges in the Volvo).
Mark and two others broke away on the first time around and soon gained over two minutes on the field. No one flatted and Jenn and I had fun measuring and reporting the time between the lead group and the chase group. It was a beautiful day and a fun event. With half a lap - and the climb left to go - Mark suddenly shot past the other two riders.
They looked at each other as if waiting for the other one to chase him down... after realizing that neither was going to take off they worked together for a few minutes and then decided to bag it.
Mark won by about 40 seconds
If Mark and I need a place to retire maybe we could take over this business in Inkom...

When the race was over we drove home in record speed because there were some very special visitors waiting for us...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the beginning, the end and what lies in between

New babies being born right and left and so many coming in the next few weeks.

Two amazing women safely into the second trimester and beyond after two heartbreaking miscarriages.

A friends daughter is expecting twins... only the babies share a sac and a placenta... dangerous for the babies. They told her not to tell people just in case she miscarries...
- won't she need our love and support even more if she loses one or both?

A few months ago a student that Mark knows lost his wife to cancer. She left behind three small children. While I did not know her I read three years worth of posts on her blog and cried.

Last week a dear friend lost her battle with cancer.
Her battle began about two and a half years ago.
After surgery the doctor told her family to plan her funeral, the odds were against her.
While recovering from surgery, she debated whether she should do chemo or not. Her daughter had just gone through a messy divorce and she was currently watching her grandchildren while her daughter finished an advanced degree that would allow her to get a good job.
She plead with God to preserve her life long enough that her daughter could get on her feet.
She did chemo and radiation and was cancer free for a year.
Her daughter got a good job and things were going well when her cancer returned.
One afternoon she mused aloud that maybe she should have asked God for more time during her initial plea.
Treatment was not an option any more.

Earlier that same week a couple we are friends with lost their son. Caught in the depths of depression he felt he could not go on and took his life. He was buried exactly one year after his older sister took her own life.

One persons beginning and another persons end fills in the in between for me; at times taking up a volume of space in between laundry and car repairs and sporting events. But each day the sun rises, whether behind clouds or in a clear blue sky, it rises. There is food to prepare and beds to be made. Individuals within my reach that need a hug or a listening ear. Things to celebrate as well as mourn. And each evening when the sun goes down, I crawl between the sheets relieved to be able to rest, knowing I will have another chance tomorrow to finish the list that remains from today. Often when my body is occupied with the routine of my day, my mind ponders this experience that is life. Maybe I should put smiling and laughing on my list. When life seems perplexing I find great comfort in knowing that this life is just a part of a greater whole. We existed before we came here and will continue after we die. It's comforting to know that there is a God that knows and loves us. I'm glad that he has a plan for all of us. It makes the in between not just bearable but joyful and purposeful.

Love this

Monday, April 12, 2010

My day

Despite the flowers beginning to bloom just past my front porch
my day began a little rough.
My neck was tight and I didn't sleep well
In aerobics I had two left feet - but at least I didn't fall...

I did get the Volvo emptied of it's contents at DI
but before I could get this "way darker than the picture on the internet"
and "rotten egg smelling" rug returned...
The power steering pump went out once again
and we are sans Volvo for the beginning of the second week.
It's place in the garage filled only with puddles of power steering fluid.

We did FINALLY get the BMW registration done today...
that has taken months.
With Robbie's help we got the motorcycle inspected, licensed and insured.
I almost forgot how much growing/grown boys/men eat.

But in the end we had enough food.

Nico was over and to prepare him for his upcoming mission in Brazil
Rob gave us all a Portuguese lesson.

Meanwhile - out our window
the popcorn is popping on the apricot tree
A lone daffodil is smiling brightly
And these lovely little flowers...
sit just past my front porch
waiting for me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A week ...already

(The only picture will all eyes open)

Wow! I can hardly believe it.

A much anticipated day has come and gone. And now a week has passed by too.

Since then these things have kept us busy:

staying up late, catching up on sleep, visiting with parents, a failing power steering pump, trip to St. George squished in the small car, General Conference, Easter, flat (mtn. bike) tire and broken bike chain, miracle rescue by a stranger, wind, rain, snow, driving home squished in a snow storm, heartbreak for friends, tears and concern for them, Spring Break, more snow, adjusting, four drivers (and one with a permit) sharing one car, aerobics, other car repairs, mission stories, laughing, running, waiting for parts to come, sharing, learning, crying,
moving forward.

I hope the next week is a little more calm...

I suppose if I had photoshop I could have gotten the best faces on us all