Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A week ...already

(The only picture will all eyes open)

Wow! I can hardly believe it.

A much anticipated day has come and gone. And now a week has passed by too.

Since then these things have kept us busy:

staying up late, catching up on sleep, visiting with parents, a failing power steering pump, trip to St. George squished in the small car, General Conference, Easter, flat (mtn. bike) tire and broken bike chain, miracle rescue by a stranger, wind, rain, snow, driving home squished in a snow storm, heartbreak for friends, tears and concern for them, Spring Break, more snow, adjusting, four drivers (and one with a permit) sharing one car, aerobics, other car repairs, mission stories, laughing, running, waiting for parts to come, sharing, learning, crying,
moving forward.

I hope the next week is a little more calm...

I suppose if I had photoshop I could have gotten the best faces on us all


Grandma T. said...

I like the bottom picture best -- lol! Good to see all of you together.

Debbie said...

You all look wonderful.