Sunday, April 25, 2010

No No

is Ruby's word for a snowman.
Last January when Jordan, Amy and Ruby came out for a visit, Ruby and Grandpa Z built a snowman. Ruby was very excited to build one again with Grandpa when they came out this time... only there was no snow in the yard.
that didn't stop Grandpa
He and Uncle Robbie when up into the mountains and brought back a cooler full of snow. Ruby not only got her "Elmo No No" but also got a Daddy Elmo No no and Mommy Elmo No No. All on the front porch.
Just look at that smile.

Even though "on the porch they melted, small, small, small...She talked about it for days.
Even checking the front porch to see if they were still gone.
I wonder what Grandpa will do when they come in August?

PS I need to give credit to Amy for most if not all of the pictures on the last as well as the next few posts. Thanks Amy, you're amazing! See more here.

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Celisa said...

What a great grandpa! Ruby is just so cute. I love that she calls the snowmen "no-no". Can't wait to see all of you!