Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the beginning, the end and what lies in between

New babies being born right and left and so many coming in the next few weeks.

Two amazing women safely into the second trimester and beyond after two heartbreaking miscarriages.

A friends daughter is expecting twins... only the babies share a sac and a placenta... dangerous for the babies. They told her not to tell people just in case she miscarries...
- won't she need our love and support even more if she loses one or both?

A few months ago a student that Mark knows lost his wife to cancer. She left behind three small children. While I did not know her I read three years worth of posts on her blog and cried.

Last week a dear friend lost her battle with cancer.
Her battle began about two and a half years ago.
After surgery the doctor told her family to plan her funeral, the odds were against her.
While recovering from surgery, she debated whether she should do chemo or not. Her daughter had just gone through a messy divorce and she was currently watching her grandchildren while her daughter finished an advanced degree that would allow her to get a good job.
She plead with God to preserve her life long enough that her daughter could get on her feet.
She did chemo and radiation and was cancer free for a year.
Her daughter got a good job and things were going well when her cancer returned.
One afternoon she mused aloud that maybe she should have asked God for more time during her initial plea.
Treatment was not an option any more.

Earlier that same week a couple we are friends with lost their son. Caught in the depths of depression he felt he could not go on and took his life. He was buried exactly one year after his older sister took her own life.

One persons beginning and another persons end fills in the in between for me; at times taking up a volume of space in between laundry and car repairs and sporting events. But each day the sun rises, whether behind clouds or in a clear blue sky, it rises. There is food to prepare and beds to be made. Individuals within my reach that need a hug or a listening ear. Things to celebrate as well as mourn. And each evening when the sun goes down, I crawl between the sheets relieved to be able to rest, knowing I will have another chance tomorrow to finish the list that remains from today. Often when my body is occupied with the routine of my day, my mind ponders this experience that is life. Maybe I should put smiling and laughing on my list. When life seems perplexing I find great comfort in knowing that this life is just a part of a greater whole. We existed before we came here and will continue after we die. It's comforting to know that there is a God that knows and loves us. I'm glad that he has a plan for all of us. It makes the in between not just bearable but joyful and purposeful.

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Amy said...

Beautiful post, Mom. Life sure is full of amazing things.

Celisa said...

Thanks for posting this. You express yourself so well. I also love the Elder Wirthin video. What a great message!

Dave and Mandy said...

This may be my favorite post yet. Love you Karen - please keep writing and sharing your reflections.

MZ said...

Well said! I'm sure blessed to be married to you!

The Fifes said...

love love love love LOVE this post. Your words are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. i truly appreciate it.