Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Forever Strong

Did I ever mention that Christian is playing Rugby?
Thanks to Amy we have awesome pictures to document this experience.
And since this will probably be his only season playing, I'm extra appreciative.
I think Jordan said it best when he commented that the sport doesn't really fit Christian's personality... I totally agree. But his team is small and inexperienced and they need him. He played in his first game three weeks after joining (after the season had already begun) and has started every game after that. With two more games to go he is sticking it out.
Despite looking like a nice day it was FREEZING COLD!
The wind was wicked and about half time it began to hail and pour.
Check out the clouds in the top picture.
We watched the second half from the car.
See the mark above his right knee?
I'm not sure what happened but it swelled to the size of a baseball.
He is doing better - able to go up and down the stairs without much pain.
He will be glad when Rugby is over.
So will I.

And yes his team did play the legendary Highland.
It was not pretty.

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Celisa said...

He must be tough! I'm glad that his leg is feeling better.