Thursday, April 22, 2010


These two were in my back yard this morning (Thursday)
but really they have nothing to do with the rest of the post.

Late last Friday night Aaron flew in.
He took a detour on his way home from a conference in Texas to be with us for Robbie's homecoming. (We were sad that he wasn't able to sneak Celisa and Olivia in his suitcase.) Amy, Jordan and Ruby arrived early Saturday evening.
Sunday was Robbie's homecoming.
I was up first Sunday morning and this was left over from the night before, but instead of feeling frustrated at the mess...
books we read with Ruby and some gifts Robbie brought back from Brazil... it served as a happy reminder that this day was no ordinary Sunday.

Jennifer received her Young Womanhood Recognition Award
David Messenger spoke before Robbie which was very fitting seeing how they both began serving a mission about the same time and finished within days of each other. David served in the family history center in Orem and occasionally went to Salt Lake. David has Aspergers and he and Robbie have been friends since we moved here. Robbie shared an inspiring message about the great worth of souls - our own as well as others.

It was a touching and inspiring meeting from beginning to end.

Afterwards our home was flooded with wonderful people who love Robbie and celebrated his return with us. So many wonderful people who have touched our lives. We are eternally indebted. I wish I had pictures - although it would make this post VERY long.

Sometime during the day I saw my three boys together and it struck me. They are all grown up! All of them.
(which makes me old!)
Just to clarify...Christian was standing down hill and Aaron up hill -
Christian is the tallest and Robbie and Aaron are about the same with Aaron being slightly taller than Rob.

Don't you think they look like their Dad?
I can't remember when I have felt so much joy.
Life just keeps getting better.

I can't wait 'till August when we are all together.


Grandma T. said...

What handsome young men (all 4 of them!)

Celisa said...

I agree with Grandma T! I'm so glad that Aaron was able to come. He said that it was a really inspiring sacrament meeting and that Robbie did a great job.

Christie said...

I've been without a computer, so haven't checked in . . . wish I could have heard Robbie, I'm so happy for him and for you. You continue to be an inspiration to me and I'm grateful for all the blessings that are yours to so deservedly enjoy . . . and that little Ruby is a DOLL! Love the snow and what these adoring grandpas will do!