Monday, October 19, 2009

More than leaves fell last Friday

Last Friday I had my first ride in an ambulance
and hopefully it will also be my last.

My friend, Karen Bergmann, and I were riding our bikes up the Provo Canyon River bike trail Friday around 4:45 pm. We had just passed the first park you come to in the canyon when we saw a group of 7 or 8 longboarders coming down. We moved as far to the right as we could. Apparently one guy decided to pass and didn't even see us. He cut over and Karen's back wheel rolled over the tip of his long board and then I hit him full on. I'm not sure what happened next. I remember the impact and then laying on the ground waiting for the pain to subside. I seem to have landed on my head and then on my sacrum (lowest part of my back above my tailbone). My only visible injuries were a small cut above my right eye, a small cut on my lip, and a very small scrape on my left elbow.
My neck and back were really hurting. I tried to sit up but it was too painful and I got dizzy. An ambulance was called and someone showed up with a blanket about the time I began to shake. The paramedics were really nice and very gentle moving me around. Karen showed one of them my helmet, which was cracked, and he said the helmet probably saved my life. I remembered that as I was leaving to go riding I noticed that my helmet was a little loose so I adjusted the straps and tightened it. That was a tender mercy.
(It was hard to get a good picture but it's cracked all the way through)
Entering the hospital on a gurney is just like they show in the movies, ceiling, fluorescent light, more ceiling... I closed my eyes and into my mind came these thoughts, "All these things shall give you experience and be for your good". The x-ray technician took two x-rays of my pelvis, took the developed x-rays to the doctor and then took two more from a different angle. One last x-ray of my neck and then back to my room.

All during this time I kept thinking about how lives could change in just an instant. One moment I was pedaling up the canyon enjoying the crunch of the leaves under my tires and the gold and red leaves on the trees and then next I was laying crunched on the pavement with fall leaves stuck to my back, parts of my body oozing red and turning shades of blue and purple. I felt so thankful to be at peace with my family members and knew that whatever the outcome we would face it together.

Mark and Jennifer arrived soon after that. The doctor came in and told us that nothing was broken. I do have deep tissue and bone bruises on my sacrum and the left side of my neck is very very sore and stiff. My head and scalp are also sore but my helmet literally saved me. The doctor said I would have rough couple of days as I heal but look forward to a full recovery.

We got my helmet from Karen on Saturday and on further inspection discovered that there are multiple cracks all through the helmet. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to walk and move and think!
The stiffness and pain I feel now will pass.
Our family has been blessed by an outpouring of love and concern.
I almost feel guilty accepting all the meals, bread, soup, notes and calls we have received,
but they are greatly appreciated.

I am truly blessed.


Tracy said...

Phew, Karen! I'm so glad all will turn out well. Hang in there, and remember how very much you are loved! :)

celisamz said...

I'm so glad that you are okay! I hope that you get feeling better every day. And thanks so much for calling me today. Love you!

The Fifes said...

Wow, SO glad you're okay. Thank you for sharing your story, and i hope you heal well. Take it easy; give your body a chance to get better. The Lord still has work for you to do. :)

Amy said...

I will never forget the text (part one of two) I got from Dad saying you got in a wreck and had to go to the hospital. I hadn't seen part two yet. I was so worried. I am so so so grateful you are okay and that you chose to wear a helmet. I love you so much!

Lynn said...

What a strange experience, accidents usually are. So glad you are going to be okay!

Kami Su said...

Wow Karen I can't believe that happened to you, and what a miracle it's not worse.

As a side note, you look so dang skinny in that picture!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are not so sore anymore.
Only you can make a bike wreck so poetic.

I loved your PMS comment on my facebook! I got a HUGE laugh out of that one! he he he, still giggling. Thanks! I'm glad you are ok!
(any my word verification is "thymp", doesn't that sound like thump? lol)

Karen said...

The ER Dr. told me I would feel worse until day three and then begin to feel better after that. He seems to know what he was talking about. I'm looking forward to feeling better soon.

Kit said...

Karen, I'm grateful you are alive and well (and only badly bruised)! Life's shockingly painful crashes --however traumatic and unexpected--make us just so much more humble and grateful, don't they? So glad you are on the mend and will be better off soon!
You are loved.