Friday, October 23, 2009

Muy bonita zopatos

In mid September Mark was called into
a Branch Presidency in the MTC.
This call really came from out of the blue.
We were both so surprised.
While I am not officially called
I still have some responsibilities as his wife.
I attend Sacrament meeting and Relief Society on Sundays
(When it doesn't interfere with attending with the kids)
The whole family gets to attend the Tuesday evening devotionals
and then Mark and I stay after to meet with the missionaries.
One evening we go to the dorms and visit
with them for 30 minutes or so.
And then if we have new missionaries
Mark and I go on Thursday evening too.
Mark has more meetings and interviews so
he is very busy on Sundays but all in all it has been truly amazing.
We are assigned to the advanced Spanish Speaking branch...
which means the group meetings are in Spanish...
and can I just say that the one semester of Spanish I took in 7th grade is not helping all that much.
(I know how to say hello, good morning and "your shoes are beautiful"
although I'm not sure my spelling or grammar are correct.)

This has been a wonderful, challenging and unexpected change in our lives. It is SO fun being with the missionaries and especially serving with my awesome husband.

But I must admit that this is one little thing that I was really really excited about:


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