Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baptism, Wahoo!

Dear Family,

This has been a very busy but, good week! We are going strong with activities every night of the week and it seems to be helping the members get more excited.

We also had Gianine's baptism and her parents and grandma also went to the baptism! It was a really spiritual baptism. We were able to plan with the young women and they sang a special hymn for her. She is really feeling happy with here baptism and is excited to do missionary work with us! We going to help her! :)
Her mom was married in the Catholic church and then divorced. In the Catholic church you cannot be married more than one time. We haven't had a chance to teach them about the commandments and get them married. But, informally we already talked about it and they want to get married! Pray for them! This is there time and they will be awesome members of the church!

Last Saturday we had the second, "English Immersion" class and it was really fun. There are a few University students that are taking the class to work on pronunciation. We have planned a series of situations for them to involve the English that they already know, listen to our English and "bridge the gap." They are very excited and will invite a bunch more people to come. For now we are teaching about 7. I thought it was a good start. It isn't very easy to find 7 new investigators that are studying at the university in one hour! But, it isn't enough! Please pray for us to be able to have more students this next class. We will get after new ways to tell everyone about it...

Well, the bar-b-que was good. Sorry that this letter is short. We don't have much time.

I love you all! Thanks for your letters, prayers, love and concern.

Love you guys!

Until next week.

Elder Zimbelman

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