Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WOW Conference

Dear Family,

What a wonderful week of conference that we have had here! We had Zone Conference on Tuesday and were also able to be so richly blessed to hear from President Monson and everyone that spoke to us!

Well, this week has really been great here! We are seeing a lot of progress with the people we are working with here! We found a new family on Friday and then Saturday the 15 year old boy, Ericson, went to church with us! We will keep teaching the family and see if we can get the whole family going! It looks like they have received the missionaries a long time ago. We are praying that now is there time to accept the truth! Pray for them; Mary, Jefferson, Ericson, Allison, there are others in the family that we don't know yet...

Also Sani, Jaqueline, Gianine and Marcos are progressing too! They promised us that they would go to conference yesterday. They ate lunch with the family and were expecting them to leave before 5 o' clock but they ended up staying. So, Jaqueline and Gianine got up and said they had to go and left Sani and Marcos at home with the family! I was really impressed because it would be an awesome excuse for the Ga├║cho people here to say they weren't going but, they went! They really enjoyed it, especially the choir! Pray for them!

We will also contact and start teaching a dad and his son that are going to the English class named Adriano and Andrew. They have gone to the two classes and said that they would try to make it to the conference but Adriano ended up working. Pray for them.

We are also working a lot with this English class. We will put up bulletins in the middle and high schools here for the beginners class. For the advanced class we are working with a college student and professor! He is putting up a bulletin in the college and we'll be working with the professor, Ligia, to get the material to teach! I'm very excited! The advanced class will start this Saturday! Wish us luck.

Thanks for all of your letters of love and support!

I would also like to take Elder Bednar's advice and tell each and everyone of you how much I love you and bear my testimony! I know without a shadow of a doubt that the church is true! It is the only real reason I have to live on this earth! I know that through our diligence and obedience we WILL live together forever! I'm so very grateful to know each and everyone of you! For the privilege it is to be a part of your live and the privilege that I have that each one of you is a part of my life! Thank you for all you do and never forget that every time I teach about eternity and families I am bearing my testimony of our wonderful and eternal family! I'm so grateful and excited to spend an eternity with you all!


Elder Rob

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