Thursday, October 29, 2009


There's no mistaking that Autumn is in full swing,
Ok, maybe it's really coming to an end.
Bags stuffed full of bright yellow leaves sit at the curb waiting to be hauled away.
Some trees are bare while others cling to their changing leaves like I do to summer and fall.
Soon most of the trees will be bare and before we realize it, it will seem to be the norm... naked branches. Before long they will be coated with snow and the bright blue sky will provide a background. Then Spring will remind us once again of how beautiful the trees look decked out in beautiful colors followed by a gown of green.
Even now green leaves are becoming a memory. Sometimes fall is sudden and abrupt. It seems to turn cold with a vengeance and leaves change color and fall in a short period of time and unless we are vigilant we miss it. Then warm days sneak in now and again reminding us that there is hope... all is not cold... yet.

Not this year. This year fall has been gradual... and exquisitely beautiful. For the first time in a long time... maybe ever... I have taken time to really enjoy the change in colors.
I will admit that I have been waiting for a warm day to sneak in
but so far we haven't really had any.
Just cool, cooler and now cold.
The heater runs and the wind blows.
Snow flurries floated by for two days but did not stick.
Time to crunch the leaves and marvel at the intensity of the color as the late afternoon sun brightens them.

Still, as the leaves are gathered and hauled away and the frost causes tender plants to become transparent and wilt, I begin to feel a bit melancholy. No more lazy summer days (I'm not sure how many of those I actually had but at least they were an option). No more warm sunny days beckoning me to lounge in the back yard barefoot by the stream.

Time to gear up.
Time to pull out cozy sweaters, coats, scarves, boots and mittens.
Time to brace against arctic gusts when I open the door and step outside. Time to jump into preparations to try to make hectic holidays less hectic. Time spent indoors watching the snow fly, getting up early to clear snow from the driveway before cars venture out. Time to pull out the cozy blankets and curl up on the couch with a good book. Time to build snowmen and go skiing. Change is hard but good. Maybe I wouldn't appreciate the summer as much without the winter...

And I guess when things get unbearable we can always go to St. George!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures. We don't get that here, so it is lovely to see.

I guess if you have extra gas money, you could always come to AZ.