Monday, November 2, 2009

My little ghoul: Halloween 2009

This year's Halloween was kind of pitiful.
No one was that excited about gutting pumpkins
and I wasn't able to lift and move them on my own this year
because of my crash. So for the first time in...
well, maybe my whole life
we did not carve jack-o-lanterns for Halloween
I know, I know, humbug and all
and I don't even have pumpkins decorating my front porch for fall.

BUT, before you send ghosts of Halloweens past to haunt me please note:

I did make some spiders and hang them from the dining room chandelier...

but they got cut down before I could take their picture so
I held up the tangled mess to give you some idea of what they looked like

We decided last minute to head to St. George and didn't get back till after tricker treating had already started so I put Christian in charge of handing out candy.
Unfortunately he already had plans but I think he handled it quite well.

Needless to say we came home to an empty bowl on the porch.

Since we didn't make it back in time for Jen to get ready at home for her Halloween party we got her a costume and make up in St. George and she got ready in the car.

She was a little late for the party but still had fun.
My sweet little girl makes a pretty good zombie.


Amy said...

Lookin' good Jenn!

Anonymous said...

We didn't do pumpkins either. Jordan wore a trash bag. I just didn't care much and it was rather lame.

celisamz said...

Cool costume Jennifer! And I think that Christian's note is awesome...taking three is totally just being greedy. :)