Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Families!

Dear Family,

I am thankful to each and every one of you for your love and concern for me and also you devotion to the Lord! It was good to feel your spirits through your letters and to hear that you are all doing well.

Well, this week your prayers were really heard. We found a lot of new investigators. I would particularly like to ask for your prayers in behalf of a few.

There is a family of four that is very special. Camilla and Lucas are two of our English students. They are very intelligent and come from a structured family. Lucas is Camilla's uncle but they both are 13 years old. We taught Camilla's mom, Simone, and she loved the message and brought tears to her eyes. Then we taught her dad, Laus, and he accepted the message with a few doubts. You see, he believes in reincarnation and that all churches are good and can take us to heaven. So, he will need a little more faith and help from the Lord.

But, Camilla and Lucas went to church the Sunday before last and said that they were going to go this last Sunday. Simone also said that she would see, if she didn't have to work, she would go. But, they ended up not going. We don't exactly know what happened but, we will call them today and try to go back there today. Pray for them please! They are a very special family! (Laus, Simone, Camilla and Lucas)

Also, a few new things are happening with Sani and Jaqueline. It's a long story but Sani got hurt on the job and wasn't working for a while. Now he has to go back to work. He will start working in other cities for two weeks and just coming back for about 4 days! Everything was going so well and they were just about ready to get married! We are really sad! Please pray for Sani and Jaqueline!

There are also a few other young women that went to church yesterday. There names are Taiara and Amanda. We taught Taiara's family but, they are totally divide in there beliefs. Taiara and her sister Tanise were the only two that are listening more frequently to the messages. They aren't really firm in the idea or decision to follow the church. But, we have given them the Book of Mormon now and will focus on their testimonies. Pray for Taiara, Amanda and Tanise(also their parents, Antonio and Rose).

This has been a good week and if these people can progress it will be an awesome month. We will still be looking for a bunch of new families so pray that we can be guided by the spirit to find those in need!

I love you and thank you for all you support!


Elder Z

P.S. It is burning up down here. This whole week it has been close to 100 degrees here. But it is almost as humid and stuffy, if not more, than Florida! Finally it is raining today and has cooled down considerably. That is crazy that it has already snowed there in Utah, and cool that it's in the 80's in Cali!

P.P.S. Swine flu passed through Brazil this winter but the Mission Doctor/Medic told us that it's nothing to be worried about. If you feel the symptoms of the flu go to the doctor. The worst affects that it has is on babies or old fogies. So take care of Ruby and Olivia. But, it's nothing to worry about as long as you get to the doctor in a few days after you feel the symptoms.

Take Care!

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