Monday, November 23, 2009

Santa Maria Again?!

Dear family,

It was so good to hear from all of you. It would be very hard to stay on the mission without it!

This has been a superb week. Other than on Thursday talking with President he told me, "Congratulations you've just been called to be a Zone Leader." As I replied, "me?" But, I am sure that the Lord will strengthen me in my new calling.

But knowing that I would be transferred made Elder Oliveira very sad. I have never been so close to my companions like I am Elder Oliveira's friend and consider him my brother! I told president that I could be his companion until the end of my mission if he wanted. But, I think that my work here in Santiago has been finished.

Camilla and Lucas were baptized last Saturday and Confirmed last Sunday. It was a great baptism despite most of the members were at the temple. It was also a very spiritual sacrament meeting despite most of the members staying home because of the rain. Those that went to church were very blessed. Simone was at the baptism and Confirmation and felt the spirit very strongly. Elder Oliveira will start working more intensely with her and we will see what happens.

There was also another Lucas that was baptized. He is 23 years old and has been going to church for about 3 years. He started going back to church because of the English classes and the activities. He didn't want to be baptized but I started talking to him. I told him about all that he is missing out on and all the blessings he would receive by being baptized. I told him that the Zone Leader would be at the church on Thursday to interview Camilla and Lucas and that he should talk with him. He went and was interviewed and Saturday was baptized! It was a really great experience!

Now Elder Oliveira has a bunch of investigators that have been to church and can be baptized. Pray for him to be directed by the spirit and be able to help these people be baptized! Also, I'm afraid that he will be really sad now that I will be transferred. Please put his name on the temple role and pray for him every day!

I'm very excited for my new area! I will be working as the District Leader and Zone Leader with Elder de Paula. He is my Zone Leader but now my comp. But, I'm also a little nervous because I will be really busy. I am not very excited about being both ZL and DL. Please pray for me to not get stressed out!

I love you all! It was so good to hear from you! Until next week!

Elder Zimbelman

P.S. I forgot my camera in the house, next week I will send you photos of the baptism.

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