Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting Better

Dear Family,

It was so good to hear from you all this week! Your encouragement and love make all the difference to me!

This has been a good week. We found a few more families and had a bunch of people at church. It was also very cool this week that Gianine is working with us a ton.

This week the Zone leader came to visit my district. We did a super division! For three days he passed through our three areas here and i worked with a different person every day. It really went well! We were all able to learn a lot from each other and evaluate our work.

This week we will have Zone Conference and I am very excited! Not much for the trainings but for President's talk! He is always very inspired and has amazing knowledge of the scriptures. I am so lucky to know him! Wow, this week was really cool! President Queroz entered in contact with President and told him about me. The world is so small! I also spoke with president this week and he will loan me a projector for the English class. He asked me if Mom and Dad would be coming to pick me up and I said no. I asked him if I could maybe go to Florionopolis to see President Queroz and he said he would see what he could do! I sure hope I can, that would be SO cool!

This week we had an awesome English class! There were a bunch of students there. There are new students every week! We learned about verbs. Then we played mimic guessing the verbs and listened to a Beatles music identifying the verbs. I think it was the funnest class and fullest class we have had.

It is also a very good way to find new investigators. Because we say a prayer and usually teach a principle like faith. But, it is an environment more excited and also less formal. We brought four investigators to church yesterday because of the English class!

Well, Camilla and Lucas are doing really well. We have failed to enter in contact with there parents because they are so busy. But, we taught them about the "Restoration of the Gospel" and they accepted our preparation to be baptized in the church! It was a very spiritual lesson and they are very intelligent. We also told them that there will be many distractions now that they decided this but to recognize them and not let them be affected by them. Pray for them, and especially there parents; Laus and Simone. They are very special but until now, they haven't gone to church and we have only taught them one time individually.

Also there is Taiara. Gianine is being a great friend to her and helping her a ton! Yesterday they went to church together and also watched, "The Other Side of Heaven" together. We also taught her about making the right decisions yesterday and challenged her to be baptized this Saturday or next. She promised that she would pray about it! We will back there today and teach here about Faith. Pray for her. She is just a little afraid but she is really special and ready!

This week we really need to find some new families to take to church. Please, pray for us.

g2g, they will close the internet place now.

Love you all, thanks for your emails.

Elder Zimbelman

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