Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

*note - while this post was written on Thanksgiving but
internet issues and a short trip to St. George delayed posting till today*

Today is kind of a strange Thanksgiving for our family.
There are just the four of us here.
It's quiet.
The veggie tray sits on the table looking beautiful for more than 5 min. - no great crowds gathered around trying to make sure they get their share of the pickled okra before it disappears...
Just a small turkey breast in the oven instead of the whole bird.

Today I have so much to be thankful for and do not have the time or room to write it all.
I hope that it's obvious to all that I have been blessed beyond measure and I am truly thankful.

But today I feel especially thankful for the wonderful families in Sacramento and Champagne (or Urbana) that have extended their love and a warm welcome to my children who are not here with us today. Families who are sharing their veggie platters, turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie with my children when they could not be here with us. I hope and pray that when these families gather today and share in their blessings with my children they will feel a little extra love coming from me - and gratitude that my children are not alone on this day of Thanksgiving.

Aaron, Celisa, Olivia, Amy, Jordan, Ruby
and Robbie too (although they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Brazil)
I'm thinking of you today and love you very much.

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Amy said...

We sure missed you guys.