Friday, November 6, 2009

Count Your Blessings

This is our piano.

It was recently moved from its long appointed home in the living room
into its new place in the family room.
To many it may not be much too look at
and it usually looks like it does in this picture.
Assorted books and note books spread across it.

But to me it is grand.

This piano was a gift from Grandma T. when we moved to Tucson...
a gift given at the beginning of our PhD years.
For those five years it was a reminder that our poverty
would be temporary and that the day would come
when we would have a nice home and sustaining income.

Every child in our family has taken piano lessons
and has spent countless hours practicing at this piano
some more (lots more) than others it's true.

There were days in when I wondered if I would enjoy the sounds that came from the piano. For years I knew by heart the beginning songs the kids would play and could call out from the kitchen which note was the correct one. But on so many more days the sounds that came from the piano brought beautiful music to our home

Christian and Jennifer currently fill our home with music of all kinds.
Cold Play, Sonatinas, Rags, Hymns and of course
"Heart and Soul" fills our home with heart and soul.

This morning, before the kids left for school at 7:10
our home was filled with the strains of "Count Your Many Blessings"
Jennifer accompanies her Seminary class once or twice a week as they sing and she did a quick "run through" before she left for school.

The song remained with me
and I went through my day counting my blessings.

Including our piano.
Thanks Grandma T.


celisamz said...

Nice post--it makes me wish that I could play the piano. :) We miss you guys and are excited to see you at Christmas!

Grandma T. said...

This post touched me to my core -- thanks so much for posting it. I'm pleased beyond belief that the piano has meant such good things for you and the entire family. And thanks to you and Mark for taking such good care of it -- it still looks like new! Love, G'ma T.

Christie said...

Hope you are continuing to heal!