Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still in Santiago

Dear Family,

Another transfer has flown by and I'm much closer to coming home and seeing you all. I can't help but feel the great responsibility and urgency I have to do the Lord's work here in Santiago. Some times I have thought that the work that I am dong isn't affecting anyone as we haven't had any baptisms since I have been here and we had a disappointment with Sani and Jaqueline last week. We are finding a lot of new people to teach but I seems that Satan keeps distracting them and easily persuades them that, "all is well."

Well we taught Gianine during the afternoon this week and Sani and Jaqueline at night, because it was the only time that was convenient. Gianine is progressing a ton. She has committed to substitute coffee with chocolate milk and will be baptized soon. She didn't go to church this Sunday because she went to Santa Maria. But, she took her book of Mormon. Pray for her.

As for Sani and Jaqueline, they have been getting a little distracted and have thoughts of there own. That the Catholic church also teaches the same gospel principles. They are very comfortable now with the way they are living, it is very easy to be catholic. You can do whatever you want. It seems like the real problem is that they aren't understanding the real meaning of the restoration. It also looks like they haven't prayed to know that the book of Mormon is true. We will really focus on that this week and help them to gain testimonies. The disappointment that I mentioned is that, and hey didn't go to church this Sunday. Pray for them!

We have also found a few other families that we are working with that I hope to be able to tell you are progressing next week.

The English classes are going well. There are always 20-30 people at the beginners class and at the first advanced class there were seven. Because of the holiday but, they loved it and will invite all of there friends the next time.

The transfer passed by our district here and nothing new happened. I was sure hoping for some changes because a few of the missionaries are giving me a hard time. Pray for our district too; Elder Dos Santos, Morais, Yudi, Alexsandro and Oliveira.

My comp. is the man, he supports me in everything and is a great help to me! He will be a lifetime friend.

Thanks for all of your love and concern. Especially for your prayers and emails, they mean a ton to me!


Elder Rob

P.S. We are organizing a ton of activities here like a treasure hunt and Family Night and were wondering what would be other good ideas? Send me all of the ideas you have of a good activity!

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