Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crowning Day

As I write the lower left quadrant of my mouth is numb. I may or may not be drooling. This afternoon I got two permanent crowns - after two weeks of an aching jaw with my temporaries... 
Lets hope I will not be needing Alleve very soon. 

Today I also finished up my first semester of Kindermusik.
I learned so much.

I must admit that I was a little surprised at how attached I got to the children in my classes.
Little ones grow and change so much in a few short months. 
At first they were a little wary of me and now they smile big as they sit in my lap.
They have learned that when a song is over we put the instruments or scarves away, 
sometimes they begin singing the clean up song before I do.
Even if they are enjoying what we are doing they trust that whatever is coming next will be just as fun. They are learning that everyone pausing together can be just as much fun and playing together.
They are learning to take turns.
They have so much enthusiasm and energy
and delight over simple things
like a box of kleenex.
Who knew.

I'm looking forward to next semester beginning
after spending some time playing with my Ruby girl 
and getting to meeting her little brother... when he arrives.

If I could have Ruby, Olivia and Peter in my classes that would be ideal
but I can't complain
I have a really good life.


Celisa said...

I'm glad that you've been having so much fun with Kindermusik! You're perfect for that. Have fun in Sacramento- we wish that we could be there to meet baby Peter too!

Lynn said...

Congratulations on you successful first session! The video of the kids was so cute. And what a great idea to use tissue!

Amy said...

What a wonderful accomplishment, Mom! I wish Ruby were in your class too...that would be so much fun.