Thursday, April 21, 2011


My life ebbs and flows like everyones but it seems lately it's been in large waves rather than a soft surf on a shallow beach. Wonderful exciting things as well as challenges and just as the the trees are leafing out and filling with pink and white blossoms my life will also change in big ways very soon. Someone recently related that the kanji symbol for challenge is the same or similar to that of change. Amy and Jordan came to Utah over conference with their two sweet children to bless Peter. Aaron, Celisa and Olivia were able to get a flight out and join us. Christian got special permission to go to the temple that week also. I began to move with more speed to get the basement bathroom in usable condition (ie. walls painted, towels and more than a plastic drop cloth for a shower curtain... among other things.) That same week Robbie called me on a Monday afternoon to tell me he'd been in an accident. 
Picture from his ipod
Another driver didn't see him and hit him 
We were blessed that he was protected but it bent the frame and his car was totaled.
Later that week he lost his job. 
By Wednesday family was arriving and our home became wonderfully full.
Thursday morning Kindermusik class with my granddaughters and their Uncles was heaven.
Each day was so wonderful.
Robbie's trials have turned out to be blessings in many ways although not everything is resolved yet.
But we do feel confident that all will work out. 
I will leave you with the family picture we took while everyone was here and post more pictures of specific events in the coming days.


Grandma T. said...

Life has a way of giving us these challenges and good times -- and you are JUST FINE just the way you are -- always!

Lynn said...

I thought you looked beautiful in your outfi! And your family picture is beautiful too.

Celisa said...

You are beautiful! We had such a good time and are excited to come out again for Robbie and Cecily's wedding.