Friday, April 29, 2011

Roger Harrison is a Real Person

learn more about Roger Harrison here

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that when the letter came I was a bit skeptical. 
But, the April 27th date on the letter was almost a month past April Fools day 
and it turns out that Roger Harrison truly is a chemistry professor at BYU
 AND associated with the Central Utah Section of the American Chemical Society. 
(And not at all related to Modine Therbagunch* 
as far as we can tell)

So it looks like it is indeed true that Jennifer has been selected as the 
Top First Year Chemistry Student 
at Timpview High School.
Just like that, no warning or prior notice!

She was just as surprised as we were...
while she is very bright, works very hard and enjoys chemistry
it just never stuck out as something she had a passion for.

And she seemed to think that there were others 
who were much better at chemistry than she was...
silly girl.

So we will be calling Roger Harrison soon to RSVP to 
the chemistry demonstrations and awards dinner in May...
Way after April Fools day

Congratulations Jennifer!
we love you!

*I'm trying to find a link where you can learn more about Modine
Help Amy?


Amy said...

Way to go Jenn! Sorry link since both my blog and Amy Ordmond's blog are private.

Amy said...

Here is the link for you though...

Feel free to use pictures or the story. :-)

Celisa said...

Good job Jenn!!!

Amy said...

Here's the link from my blog of the story--with lots of pictures.