Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home again

This is my view of the kitchen immediately to the left. Jen and I got back from Youth Conference this morning and the drop ceiling in the kitchen was mostly gone. A crew of plumbers are here now moving the plumbing up between the floor joists. The electrician will be here tomorrow to put in canned lights (and two new light fixtures) and then the sheet rocker will come and finish the ceiling.

This is also my view a little further to the left. They decided they could work more easily if they took out some of the cabinets... so the contents are on the kitchen table.
The pantry cabinets (where this stuff belongs) won't be here for another two weeks...

So I'm blogging

My trip to Sacramento went well.
Jordan and Amy have a really nice place.
Jordan likes his job and has already been chosen to work on an audit in LA next week.
The ward they are in is awesome and Amy has already met some other stay at home moms in her complex. Ruby mastered the slide at the playground and the swimming pool is very fun. While change is challenging I feel like they have a really good start and will do well.

The day I left I struggled with my emotions.
I knew if I started crying it would be hard to stop for both me and Amy
and we would both be miserable.
In moments when felt like I was going to loose it I prayed and felt a real sense of peace and was able to compose myself quickly.

The airport was hard.

I anticipated what I might do in the airport if I started sobbing uncontrollably.
It would be awkward but maybe if I just went into the bathroom ...
But again I knew my prayers were answered and I was able to do what I needed to in the airport to get checked in, maneuver through security and find my gate. Even waiting at the gate I felt such a sweet peace that all would be fine. With so many emotions I have felt and the amount of tears I have shed this was truly a miracle.

And I even got to talk to Christian in Germany to wish him a Happy Birthday!

Now to find a camera to put on the computer so we can skype...

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Amy said...

I'm excited to see the end of the kitchen. It's going to look so good!