Sunday, March 20, 2011

The whole wide world

It seems today that the count down begins...
...suddenly my time with this young lady is limited.
Time with her living under my roof, needing me in a daily pack your lunch, 
help with school projects, take me to the store kind of way that is. 

I suppose it always has been limited from the day she was born 
but somehow turning 16 begins the countdown. 

Being 16 means new freedoms and privileges
as well as greater responsibilities...

although it seems that she's been so very responsible for a long time already.

I truly hope we will always be close friends.
She has worked so hard, learned so much and come so far.
I am confident that she will continue in the same path and in doing so 
will discover a whole wide world opened up to her.


 I love you!

This video was supposed to post with this... oops

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday Jenn! You are an amazing amazing person and sister! LOVE YOU!