Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today it's raining AGAIN
And it's cold STILL

My tomato plants are sitting by the window in the family room
wishing for a warm sunny day 
and room to spread their roots beyond the confines of their plastic pots.

Me too - at least about the sunny warm day. 
I love warm sunny days.

My morning was filled with music and giggles and dancing...
hugs and "tank yous" from little ones I've had the privilege 
of watching grow over the last year or so.
My first year of Kindermusik is over. 
How I love it when my home is filled with little people.

and now I sit in my quiet home 
I love it when my house it quiet.
by myself
 left to ponder life's complexities...

Why is the grass longer under the trampoline than elsewhere?
Do I have any drywall mud that's still usable?
Should I paint when Mark and I go to St. George tomorrow
 or just take a good book?
I really ought to do laundry and iron...

Next week is Jenn's last week of school
I love summer time
then EFY, then to Nauvoo with Mark, then Trek, 
then the wedding.

My life seems to be measured more by events than days or weeks.

The wedding - lots of family coming.
I love it when my house if full of the people I love.
What to fix for dinner for everyone? 
Where will they all sleep?
What can I get done around here before they come?

Christian's non farewell farewell on the 26th.
He needs some good shoes for his mission... 
and shirts, ties and a sleeping bag.
I love that he is so excited to serve a mission.

Into the MTC on July 6th.
Surely it will be warm by then.
Probably HOT
but then again, I thought it would be warm by now...

But right now it's snowing in the mountians!
We'll probably miss Spring completely.
Straight from the heater to the AC
and flooding
and mudslides...

At least in the summer
at least we can open the house at night.
Utah has lovely summer evenings...
I love Utah Summers

I need to get an outfit for the wedding...
I wonder if that sweater I liked will go on sale
 or if I should get it before it sells out...


I love my life.
Even when it's cold and rainy.


Chelsea said...

So...who's getting married?!? i think I can guess!! So many crossroads and exciting times with your family right now. Keep us posted, we'd love ot support you through it all!

Celisa said...

We are excited to come for the wedding! Hopefully you'll be having more sunny days by the time that it rolls around.