Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hey ya´ll only 2.5 weeks left!! crazy!

Hola mi familia! como estan? First of all I feel impressed to share an experience I had last night, with all of your. Last night after an amazing fireside, our district was talking about prayer and one of the counsellors in my branch presidency asked us if we knew the longest we had ever prayed? He suggested that we try and actually spend some time praying, so last night as I went to bed I started my prayers and I prayed for each one of you and for all the elders in my district as I do every night, and I did something that I don't know if I have ever really done before, and that was I asked to know the will of the Lord in my life (all in Spanish of course :) then I just listened with an open mind, and a pencil and some paper, and things just started coming to me, so by a little light I have I started writing my impressions down, and it was amazing how much the Lord blessed me with inspiration. There was not enough speed in my hand to write down the things the Lord was trying to tell me. One of the things I felt, was to share this with you. I challenge each one of you to pray, and then listen for the lord to speak to you, and make sure you have something to write on, because he will! He wants us to talk to him! I have a testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost, I am striving for its guidance constantly in my life, because I know without the Lord we are nothing. No matter how smart or brave or good looking we are, the lord can make us better. We only need to make sure we are in tune to the spirit, so we can be an effective tool in the hands of the Lord. I really love that analogy and I am striving for that in my life.

Things with my district are going very well, we had a companionship that was not getting along very well, and so one of the members of my branch presidency sat down with both of them and talked with them, and since then their attitudes have changed, and things have been much better.

On Sunday I had such an amazing day, first of all we had the district president (President Hacking) attending all of our meetings. It was awesome to feel his love and his spirit. We are so lucky with the leaders that are here in the mtc. A common theme throughout that day, as dictated by the spirit to me at least, was the lesson taught in 2 Ne 34:32-34, which is that we need to be the person we want to be in the future, today! If we say, well when I get out in the mission field, it will be easier then, and I'll be a better missionary, we will be disappointed. The same missionary we are here, will be the same missionary we are there, and the person we are on our mission, will be the same person we are for the rest of our life, so I am making the changes in my life so that I am the best missionary i can be TODAY! Now is the time to change, and it is by small and simple things that great things are brought to pass (Alma 37:6-7). So we need to start doing something now, no matter how small it is, to become the person we want to be. I know that through these principles we will all be able to be the person we want to be in the future, and the person we want to be throughout the eternities!

One of the biggest strengths I have had in my service, is from 2 Ne 32:9 "consecrate all thy doings unto the Lord". I have been striving to start and finish everything that I do, with a prayer so I can be blessed with the Lord's guidance. 

Family! I love you soo much, and I am so grateful that I am able to spend eternity with you! Start now to become the people we want to be there! I have such a strong testimony. This week we had one lesson with our progressive investigator, where we were trying to listen to the spirit, but we were imperfect in that, and kept on asking him to pray, and it seemed no matter how we asked, or what we taught, he would not agree to read, and eventually he got frustrated and kicked us out.  Then the spirit spoke to me, and told me that he did not know how to read. I felt pretty foolish, the spirit is key in everything we do! 
We had another lesson, with our other progressive investigator, where we followed the spirit and it bore witness to him and to us, right then and there that the Book of Mormon was true, it was tangible! We had him recognize it, and even thought it was a "fake" situation, the spirit bore witness and to the point that our investigator was crying. The spirit is key in everything that we do in our lives! It will never lead us astray!!

Well this letter is extra long, so I apologize if your personal letters aren't as long as usual, just know I am striving to follow the spirit in everything that I do, and that I feel this is what will bless you the most! I love each and every one of you, and pray for you individually and for you needs! I love you, and know our Father in Heaven loves you, more than anyone else! Even me, which means, probably more than we could ever understand!!
Love you all, read and pray! do it!
Elder Zimbelman

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