Monday, November 14, 2011

From Elder Z

Hey family,

It was good to hear from most of you! I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well, and that mom had a good birthday, that amy and jordan´s trip has been good, and all these blessings! How wonderful! 

It pricked my heart to hear about Grandpa Jim´s passing, but having the knowledge of the resurrection, and of the nature of God, that he loves all of his children and that brings me alot of comfort. He really will be missed though. He has been missed for the past year or two it seems. 

This week it seems that I have been studying the plan of salvation a lot. As I have read about where we go after this life, and what happens, and the opportunity we have to achieve exaltation, my heart has burned within me, and it has been a testimony to me of our divine natures. It has been a beautiful experience, and it seems quite timely with the passing of Jim this week. 

I have been reminded of over and over this week, that we are all spiritual children of our Heavenly Father. We lived with Him before we came to this Earth but left his presence to gain a body, learn and grow and to show our willingness to obey his will by performing ordinances and living the commandments. We did all of this, so that one day, if we are faithful, and do all that he asks us to do, we can be like him, having all that he has. Like it says in Matthew 25:23 (something like blessed are ye faithful servant, ye have been faithful over little, over much you will be. enter into the joy of your lord) sorry only have my spanish bible.  How beautiful is that! And how much does this knowledge change in our lives. We know where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. So when trials or temptations come, we can weigh them in the balances of eternal life, and no matter what it is, the promise of eternal life weighs more. This also goes with whatever the Lord asks us to do (D&C 122). Bueno, there is so much that I have learned here. 

Love you all Elder Zimbelman

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