Sunday, February 10, 2013

A day in the life

I was thinking that I should record more of my life experiences on this blog.
Here's one I was reminded of on Facebook:

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February 9, 1971. 
I was three months past my 7th birthday. 
We lived at 23351 Bassett Street in Canoga Park California,
in the San Fernando Valley.
At 6:01 AM a 6.6 earthquake hit, with it's epicenter 19 miles away in Silmar.

Linda (who was almost 3) and I shared a bedroom - and a full sized bed.
Julie and Lisa shared a room and so did Greg and Glen (who was almost one). 

I remember being awakened by a loud rumbling noise and shaking.
I bolted out of bed in the dark and ran down the hall towards my parents room.
I'm not sure if it's because it was dark or what, but I couldn't find them. 
I ran back and forth in a panic trying to find them.
We finally all gathered in the boys room where Glen lay sleeping in his crib.
We offered a family prayer of thanks that we were all safe.
When everyone was calmed down, my dad when to find a flashlight.

As he made his way back to the boys room with the flashlight he discovered broken quart jars of fruit in the hallway outside my bedroom door. 
They had fallen from the top of the linen closet where they had been stored,
as there was not enough room in the kitchen.
During the earthquake they had fallen and shattered. 
I'm not sure how many times I ran through that area in my nightgown and bare feet, but I came through with no cuts or bruises. I don't even remember being sticky.
I knew that I had been protected - as were my other family members.

Our house was fine as far as I remember. Our brick fence had a crack going through it.
About a week later we drove out to Silmar and saw the hospital pictured above. Parts of it sank a whole floor and a one whole wing fell off. I remember seeing a wheel chair sticking up above the rubble and a  bunch of ambulances crushed under a carport. I remember being so thankful that our family had been protected - and very sad that others had been hurt or died.

and these pictures make me feel really old!


Celisa said...

Wow, that's some serious damage to those buildings. Such a blessing that your home and family were safe. I'm looking forward to reading more experiences from your life--you're a great writer!

Amy said...

I agree. Please share more life experiences on this blog!

I love this story. Not that there was an earthquake, but how you were all protected and safe. I love that you remember your address, too.