Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fleeting moments

Yesterday and today I have been working to coordinate a family picture. We have only two and a half days that we will all be together before Robbie leaves for Brazil on his mission and only one of those days will work for a family picture. As I think about this day I am overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions. I have been especially blessed to have my wonderful married children close by. They may leave for a few months but soon they are back for Sunday dinners and occasional lunches. We help them find apartments and move in and out. We carve Jack-o-lanterns, make gingerbread houses and dye Easter eggs together. I have been so blessed to have my sweet little Ruby close by. I dropped some things off to Amy today and Ruby smiled at me! Really in response to me. It was amazing! She has changed just since I saw her on Sunday. Some how, though we've prayed for it for so long, Robbie's mission is really the beginning of the end. He will leave and I will miss him for two years - I will joy and sorrow with him as he struggles and grows but I will miss him. I wouldn't want it any other way. And before he gets home Aaron will graduate and it is very likely that they will be off somewhere for graduate school. Jordan will also graduate and who knows where they will be. I realize it will be good for them to live away from here for a time but oh how I will miss them. I hope I sell a screen play so I can afford to go visit often. The house will seem strangely empty with just two children here. Yet, at the same time it brings new opportunities. Christian and I have planned a working stream in the back yard and Jennifer and I will more easily be able to have a girls night out. I guess the gist of all this is that change is hard but life is still good!

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