Friday, November 21, 2008

Rhetorical question? Maybe not...

The other day on my quirky post I said that I didn't like shopping and asked somewhat rhetorically "What's wrong with what I'm wearing?"

Here is my answer.

Maybe I never like to shop because it reminded me that I don't like the way I looked. Then, as I lost weight I was able to fit into some clothes I have been holding on to waiting for this day... thrilled that I could wear them comfortably... so I did.

Don't ask me when I bought them but suffice it to say at least one pair of jeans had a 9" zipper.
(In my defense they have NO PLEATS and I NEVER tucked my shirt in.)

For my birthday last week I got a gift card as well as some money to buy new clothes
(That is what I asked for - it was not a hint or suggestion
although it maybe should have been).

Last Saturday Macys had a sale and Jen went shopping with me
(as my consultant).

The result - new pants! YEA!

Amy and "What not to wear" were totally right
you should get some new clothes even in the in between stages.

So I owe a BIG Thanks:
#1 for the birthday money
(not that I couldn't go shopping with out it but I tend to be a little tight...
frugal... cheap... whatever)
#2 to my kids for not being embarrassed to be seen with me in public
(of course I don't really frequent the mall that much
but maybe that will change...)

Disclaimer: No feelings were hurt in the conclusions I came to in this blog and no offense was taken in any way.


Amy said...

Good for you, Mom. You deserve to spend some money on yourself!

Anonymous said...

That "Mom jeans" thing is so funny! My kids were teasing me the other day that my jeans went up so high, sigh!

I hope to get some new clothes soon! As in I hope I start needing them soon.

Glad you did it! You deserve it!