Monday, November 3, 2008

Word from Brazil

Hey Family!!!

What's going on there in Utah?!

Everything here in Santo Angelo is moving a long, a little slowly, but it's moving. We are teaching a few people with potential and soon we should have a few baptisms. But, we are puting a lot of emphasis and efforts on training the members here so we haven't been knocking doors and finding a lot of people to teach. We held a training for the leaders or our branch yesterday that was really spiritual, about always sharing the gospel and preparing to share the gospel with our friends and family that aren't members. It was a really cool experience and we should be seeing a lot of referrals soon.
Our Branch here is really good, it isn't very big but we have a lot of firm leaders here that will help once the work starts moving a little faster.
Eliane, Alsindo, Juliana and Rafael have received testimonies about everything we have taught but keep going out of town on the weekends. They were at an activity that we had Thursday and really had a good time but, they haven't been to Sacrament meeting yet. We will now just really put the focus on progress and commit them to go to church this Sunday. Your prayers and fasting would really help.
Do you guys remember; Arlei, Laura, Alexandra, Arlei junior, Jefferson, Laura, Jefferson and Maikon.
Well they are from Uruguiana and Jefferson was baptized last week and Laura(his sister) will be baptized with Arlei, Laura, and Alexandra on the 15 of November.
I am super excited for Elder Vigeta, he was a really good companion!
Well I have faith that the time has come for Santo Angelo and we're gonna make it happen! Pray for us!

Love you guys!!!

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