Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good News

Dear family,

This has been a very good week! Thank you all for your prayers and love and concern; for me and my comp. This week hasn't been all downhill but, it sure has answered our prayers.

Yesterday we had our "Mission Tour," with Elder Amato, he is an area 70 here in Brasil. Elder Borlot and I fasted for him and it seemed like Elder Amato was talking just to us! It was just another testimony builder for me.

Also this week we have been working in an area closer to the chapel and looking for families or married couples; and surprisingly we have been having a lot of success.

We have found 3 or 4 couples that are looking like they have real potential. Now we are also planing a huge lunch for 100 people for Gustavo and Jose!

This has been a really good week for Elder Borlot too. Last Friday morning President Myrrha passed through here and interviewed me and Elder Borlot. President Myrrha is the Man! It appears that my comp. has a lot of doubts and questions still but, he is going to work until he finishes the two years. He is also ready to do everything to try and gain a testimony and, to recognize his, and I have already started helping him in the best way I know how; that is working with diligence and obedience. It has been a really cool experience because I have to be really attentive to the spirit and the ways God is helping us.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support, they have been answered and now were back in business.

Thanks for your love and support!

Until next week!

Love, Elder Rob

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