Monday, February 2, 2009

Sorting the wheat from the tares

Dear Family,

Thanks to your prayers and love and support another week has blown by and I have been introduced to a whole different kind of missionary work.

This week was the most productive week that I have had in the field yet. Borlot and I have been working our buns off and it has really paid off! We had 7 investigators in sacrament meeting and almost every day in the week we were visiting with the members.

We had been having a hard time getting the members excited to visit with us until we got our Stake President involved. After he got word from President Myrrha that the theme this year would be missionary work, he went right to work. Pulled out Preach My Gospel and started breathing missionary work!

After our Branch Leader for missionary work got started the plane is taking off!

Gustavo and Jose still haven't gotten married but, have promised they will enter this week. We trust them, but they still need a little push. So, we are going to go in with them and help them out. But, after this week we will know the date!

Ernandes and Tereza are walking on their own feet now. With a friendly visit every once in a while the seed has been planted.

We are working with a few referrals that live really far away from the church. They have been getting rides to go to church for now but after this week there faith will be tried and they'll have to use there own feet too. I sure hope they with have the desire to keep going but we have done what we could.

This week we will work closer to the chapel and start knocking doors and finding new investigators. Pray for us to be guided and I will keep you informed!

Until Next Week!

Pray for us to find new investigators!

Love, Elder Z

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The Fifes said...

Yes! We are loving it here in Norman. Wonderful place. How are you all doing?! So good to hear from you. How's that little one? She must be old now!