Sunday, May 9, 2010


This is my mom circa summer 1968, Canoga Park CA.
This picture was taken before church in the corner of my back yard at 23351 Bassett Street.
in the picture are my mom, baby Linda, Lisa, Me, Julie, Greg

I love this picture.

I love that my mom was quiet stylish.
I love that she was not frustrated with us (look at the expression on her face) when we were trying to get out to church and we were not being exactly cooperative as my dad tried to get our picture. Look how good we all looked! AND we were ready early! That's impressive.
She has always know that people are more important than many other things.
She seems to enjoy the fact that I was looking up to my big sister and trying to figure out how to be more like her.

Most of what I know about being a mom I learned from my Mom.
My mom is incredibly patient and has great empathy.
I never resented my younger siblings.
I always knew there was room in her heart for all of us.
I remember her rearranging children on her lap to make room for just one more.

Being a mom is one of my very favorite titles
and most important responsibility ever.
I am in awe of each of my children.
What incredible and amazing individuals they are.
Each one has challenged me in different ways and
brought growth and unspeakable joy that could come in no other way.
I am so proud of each one of them.

One thing that is a great source of joy to me is to watch my married children with their spouses and children. Sometimes it seems surreal to me that I'm at this point.
I am so thankful that my granddaughters have the best mothers ever!

Happy Mothers Day Mom
and Amy and Celisa too!
I love these incredible women.


MZ said...

That's a classic picture! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Celisa said...

What a great picture! You all look so cute, and your mom does look quite stylish. I'm glad that you had a great Mothers Day. Love you!