Thursday, August 26, 2010

A prosperous time of life

Tuesday Rob moved out.
Tuesday I held my first Kindermusik practicum class. 
Wednesday Christian moved out.
Wednesday Jennifer started her sophomore year of high school.
Wednesday Mark attended the first day of "back to school" meetings.

Mark got back from a trip to New Jersey at about 10:45pm on Tuesday night. It was late and we enjoyed some time to get caught up. It was quite late when I got to sleep. Wednesday morning my alarm went off at 6:15..."Really,.... 6:15... I don't think I got up this early last year and it worked fine". I hit my snooze... just 5 more minutes. (I NEVER do that) Next thing I knew there was a knock at the door and Jenn whispered..." are we still having scripture study at 6:45?" I bolted out of bed, yes.... yes... of course..... be right down. I buzzed around in my nightgown packing her lunch. She sat down and ate while Mark began reading. Her ride came early but she was ready.
(wish I had some pictures, sorry)

I sat down and hoped this is not a sign of things to come.

Mark had a day full of meetings (so much fun!). I came home from aerobics to Christian all packed up and ready to move into Heritage Halls. He did let me shower, which I greatly appreciate. When we unloaded the last of his stuff it was lunch time. Robbie texted me to let me know his first day of classes went well. We decided to meet at Panda Express and have lunch. (Love the mushroom chicken)

"This is a prosperous time of life for you"

I'm not one to take fortunes that you get in cookies very seriously but when I read this in mine, I felt a great sense of peace and comfort. Silly I know, it could have easily applied to either of the boys and been just as fitting. But somehow it felt like it was just for me. I know "prosperous" is often viewed in terms of making money, but with so many changes in my life right now it felt more like being able to grow and embrace the changes and find success. A vote of confidence.
(fortunes found in cookies are subject to the consumer's own interpretation)

So I will end with a fortune for you:
"Live long and prosper"

I'll be doing some catching up too.

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Amy said...

Busy times at the Zimbelman house!....but very exciting too! I'm anxious to hear all the fun stories and see what else this year brings!