Monday, August 30, 2010

Deciding to do Kindermusik part 2

While all of these feelings were swirling around, my neighbor and friend approached me and told me she was thinking about not teaching Kindermusik any more. She has taught for 13ish years and has been heavily involved in the training program for new teachers for the last few years - which has become a full time job. I talked with her last year as I considered teaching Kindermusik, but decided that there was no way I could get my own program going with her amazing one literally across the street. She said that one thing that kept her from retiring from the classroom is that she had no one to send her students to... 
(que heavenly music).

The rest has been like a dream... 
you know, one of those dreams where everything around you is moving quickly and you are stuck in slow motion - well sort of. The training can take up to 4 months, but I will finish mine this Thursday after 6 weeks - and this with a trip to Lake Tahoe, a short jaunt to Sacramento/San Francisco, a week in Park City, the boys moving out, Jenn and Mark starting school and texturing, painting and recarpeting the basement... 
(whew, deep breath, in and out, in and out). 
and you wonder why I haven't been blogging

While it has been a little (OK maybe more than a little) crazy around here, things are coming together, classes are filling up and teaching is
the moms and kids are so cute and it's just perfect for me. I am so excited about this new venture in my life. Now I just need to figure out how to cook for three.
and what to do with all this extra milk.

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