Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This is Erika.
Erika is from Brazil.
When Robbie was in the Sao Paulo MTC Erika taught him Portugese.
The missionaries she had for the two years she taught at the MTC taught her English
Erika will be staying with us while attending BYU this winter semester to study English.
If you know English in Brazil you can get a job teaching English,
but if you have studied English in America you can get a really good job teaching English...
enough to help pay for the really good university in Brazil.

Erika arrived Sunday and we have really enjoyed having her with us.
Her English is very good and we can usually guess the word she is looking for when she doesn't remember the right word.
We took her to see Inception - which was not her favorite.
I tried to starve her with my meager lunch yesterday
(In Brazil the biggest meal of the day is lunch)
but made up for it by taking her to In and Out Burger today
which she LOVED.

She is getting settled in and we are looking forward to a fun few months showing her around Utah.

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