Saturday, December 11, 2010

What I've been up to...

busy with life
having a blast with kindermusik
getting ready for Erika* to come
and while Mark was out of town for a week I took on a few projects
OK a few too many projects
but here are some I finished:
 Made two of these for the living room, 
same fabric, different birdy placement
 Dresser for Jenn's room
used to be a plain, cheap pine dresser
 painted and stenciled - some new knobs
Gutted and set up Jenn's closet.

*more about Erika soon.


Celisa said...

Fun stuff! I love the pillows and Jenn's dresser. Is Erica an exchange student? I'll come back later to find out. :)

Amy said...

Cute (both of them)! I love Jenn's dresser!

Chelsea said...

fun projects! I love your craftiness and inspiration!