Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not smiling so much today

Robbie crashed on his snowboard yesterday.
On his last run of the day.
(intended or not)
He was going down a pipe backwards and caught the back edge of his snowboard.
He fell on the pipe, perpendicular to it and landed on his lower back.
(and you thought you'd never use geometry)

It doesn't look like anything is broken but he's in quite a bit of pain and his back is spasming. 
He's home to recooperate. 
He slept well last night thanks to ibuprofen, muscle relaxants and pain medicine.
Hopefully he will heal quickly.
I'm glad he's nearby so I can mother him a bit.

We feel very blessed that it wasn't any worse. 
I'm thankful that his friend was able to drive him home from Park City
and that the doctor's office was able to get us in yesterday evening.
Many things to be thankful for.


Amy said...

Yuck! Hope he heals quickly and gets feeling better!

Celisa said...

It was good to talk to you guys tonight. We hope that Robbie gets healed up quickly! Hopefully talking to Livi brought him some cheer even though she wasn't in the best mood.

MZ said...

Yes, much to be grateful for indeed!

Christie said...

I'm so hoping he'll be much better soon. These kids scare me with their antics but you don't want to take away their adventurous spirit. Such a trade off some times though. I've seen both your boys at LaJolla their radiant smiles!