Sunday, February 20, 2011


Christian's mission application was submitted this week.
He made his own appointments and got most everything done with little help from me.
I was actually out of town for much of it.

It seems unreal to me.
Is he really this old?
He doesn't actually turn 19 until June 3rd.
His availability date it June 17, last day of Spring semester at BYU.
February 17th was the earliest he could turn in his papers, and that's when they went in.

Because Aaron is the oldest I saw it coming and prepared myself for it.
I was also more prepared for Robbie to go
but it seemed I would have more time...
more time to think about it?
more time to help him get his stuff done?
I don't know what or why I thought that...
It just seemed getting the paperwork done for the other boys took longer and I prepared myself a little more as we were going through the process. 

But the application has been submitted and we begin the waiting game. 
Were and when?
I have tried to imagine what it must be like...
Waiting for an envelope to come in the mail telling you where you will spend two years of your life...what language you will be speaking, the climate you will be living in and the culture you will be immersed in... the people you will come to love.

I do know that where ever he goes it will be by divine design and not by chance.
And were ever he goes the people will be blessed by a wonderful, kind, spiritual young man.

**I got a call yesterday that the doctor forgot to check a box on the application, 
looks like the call may take an extra week**

I'm not sure if the guessing and speculating about where he will be going is helpful but it's something to do...
Any thoughts?

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